Thursday, February 17, 2011

Styling A Trench

I have a bunch of posts about fashion and how to afford the things you love coming up soon.  But what to do once you've got something you've been lusting after?  A iconic trench coat is on my must have list for this year for my closet.  So, to start off I visited the always calming Burberry.  (I say calming because that's a lot of neutrals and plaid people, not too much to cause distraction.)  I tried on a pale tan trench because though I would normally go for black (and they have a black satin that is gorgeous), G will be getting the black one (it looks so super hot on him we won't even go into it....he definitely has the slim Brit body, so Burberry is definitely his best fit) so I was trying to see if I could get a tan one and not feel "off."  Turns out the pale tan looked fantastic.

But how on earth to wear a trench with pizazz?  Well, the sales woman was excellent and mentioned there is a site called Art Of The Trench in which the average Jane or Joe can submit a photo of themselves in a trench, and others can go there for styling inspiration.  You can search men or women, color, belted or unbelted, and even weather.  The also have a way to search for collaborations, including the always great The Sartorialist.  They also have children and babies for those with munchkins!

I've visited it, and I love that there are both men and women who are showcasing their own style.  I think it will be fascinating to watch as others upload.  I'm a huge fan of popping up the collar to frame your face.  Something about doing this with trenches reads sexy and mysterious.

So, if you're looking for some trench inspiration, do check it out!

*This was visited by me of my own accord, Burberry is not paying me in any form to get the word out.  I just think it's fantastic.

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  1. I have a short neck, and I wear my trench with a scarf tied just so to keep my upper half from looking too boxy. Your new scarf will look great with a pale tan trench!

    I have a Burberry in mushroom (dark taupe) and one in chocolate - although that's more of a lined lady's coat. I love them!

    My husband is tall and lanky like a Brit and would look fantastic in a trench. Alas, I can't get him in one. So give G a big kiss and say, "Thanks for being sartorial, honey!"