Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If You Give A Girl A Scarf...

Today my scarf and fur wrap arrived from Stephanie.  I considered for about two seconds waiting until G got home to open the box (he was already on his way) but then thought, "Are you crazy girl? Open that thing already!"  Ahhhh.
First, Stephanie always does things so nicely.  The black fox fur collar was wrapped in this beautiful peachy pink tissue paper and tied with this cotton ribbon that I just have to find out where she gets it.  I opened that first.  The fur was thick and soft and I kind of, might have, maybe shot dirty looks at what this week is sunny skies and warmer weather.  Enough that I've been burning up all day!  So the collar will have to wait until we get another cold snap.

I set that aside and opened a bubble package that held a black and white scarf from Ann Taylor Loft that I had asked Stephanie about (it had been in a photo).  She said she had planned to donate it, and would just throw it into my box.  I love the size and crinkly-ness of it....perfect to tie around a ponytail or my handbag.  With this was the boxed set of knotting cards, showcasing different ways to try and wear it, as well as the little catalog from that year showing the patterns.  I'll have to work on learning some fun ways.
Then I reached in and pulled out the scarf box.  I carefully opened it and then opened up the tissue paper and there she was.  *sigh*  Beautiful.  Super soft.  I decided to tie her in a simple knot around my neck.  It was simple and I didn't have to fuss with it all night. 

It has made me realize that it's time to begin replacing items in my closet.  I love black shirts but many of them need to be replaced (they're getting old and worn out or simply too big).  I told G it was like, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie....He's going to ask for a glass of milk."  Except he got this girl her scarf and now she needs new shirts.  I usually refuse to buy anything that won't work with my current wardrobe, but it would have worked, had the shirts been better off.  So I'll be slowly hunting down some simple good quality black tees. 
Instead I chose to throw on my LOFT dark jeans with some black flats, my Vivian Tam tank with the chain neckline, my Tahari black tux jacket, and the new scarf.  Off for coffee and to pick up a piece of artwork from Anthropologie.  We've been eyeing it for a while, it's a print of a miniature dachshund, and this is the second time we had them pull it from the back for us.  The manager graciously offered us 20% off since it had been there a while, and we decided to go ahead and bring it home.  But it's returnable and I'm holding onto it, because I've contacted the artist (she's in England) about possibly finding an original, or having an original painted.  But if that's not possible the print is fantastic and we love it. 

So it was a wonderful day, and these next couple of weeks are promising to be busy, bustling and bursting with happiness!


  1. You made a great choice with that scarf. I love the combination of blue on black - so chic and sophisticated. That scarf will look great with so many other basic colors: charcoal, light gray, chocolate, white, cream, light blue...okay, a lot of colors!

    Presentation is important, too, when a momentous gift arrives. Stephanie was very thoughtful to present the glorious scarf properly so you can enjoy the entire experience!

  2. It looks amazing on you! I'm so happy you got it and everything arrived ok. The ribbon on the scarf collar and the tissue is the original packaging from Mai Tai. She does really good ribbon, enough that I saved it!

  3. How lovely! It's the perfect choice for your coloring. You'll be wearing that scarf for the rest of your life.

    I've had good luck with quality black tees at Ann Taylor and Petit Bateau.

  4. The scarf is beautiful I just love Hermes box! I wish I had one for my Hermes, but I got it on Ebay and alas, no box! Nothing like it. You wear it well!

  5. You look really fabulous in that scarf. It's very flattering. Congrats on your new purchase!

  6. Gosh that scarf is a beautiful colour on you. Together with the black is stunning.

  7. Completely gorgeous -- I love the styling.

  8. The scarf is amazing on you! I am waiting with baited breath for mine to arrive. But I am feeling a bit let down...where is the pic of your new artwork? I love daschunds, so you are teasing me immensely! ;)