Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!

 Glitter Banner from Lovely Indeed

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, full of love, even if it's only just basking in the fact that you adore yourself and those in your life.  G passed on whatever throat thing he had to me, and so we've kept it even more low key than we had originally planned.  Dinner for me has been a pretzel roll (a roll, but made like a pretzel) and a bowl with half a banana, a handful of blueberries, and some pecans.  Turns out the fruit and nuts are perfect together (I used a ration of one banana slice to one pecan half to 4 blueberries for the perfect bits, in case you were curious as to how OCD I can be!).

I was planning on printing out some free printables* to post around the house for G.  Instead I thought, wouldn't it be great to pick some out together.  So we sat down and went through all my downloads and came to the conclusion that it might be more fun to do a gallery wall of love.  The huge canvas I bought a year ago will have a poem or song lyrics painted on it.  Frames will host the free printables.  I'm going to make a banner with letters and glitter and ribbon.  And the best idea yet....we're going to go through our love letters and type up (on G's grandmother's typewriter) some excerpts.  The gallery wall will be either in the stairway up to our suite or up here in the suite, so it will be for us.  A daily reminder of love.  And of course we'll add photos too (we're planning to have some professionally taken once he's home) and drawings/artwork.  I've drawn G before, and if I can get him to sit still enough (or take a photo to use) I'm going to do a drawing of him for the wall as well.

I am not a fan of Valentine's Day.  I think it's commercial and sets too high of expectations (and that usually results in disappointment).  But I do love LOVE.  I told G we weren't doing cards, instead I shared some with him I had found that were funny.  But today he showed up with a card about bursting with love and a copy of the March issue of Veranda and told me he got be a subscription.  To me, that's love, knowing there is something I've been wanting for months and doing it all on his own.  I think that this LOVE gallery wall may end up on the long wall that runs nearly the length of our home.  We have lots of love to show! 

*If you're ever in need of good DIY/crafty ideas as well as free printables, OnePrettyThing has a ton of them from all over the internet.  Daily groupings and you can search for something specific you're interested in to see if she has a link to something or look through the categories.  I check this at least once daily, usually thrice (she updates all throughout the day). 


  1. It sounds like you celebrated the dreaded v-day (I don't like it either; it seems so forced) in a respectful way that illustrates your love for each other!

  2. Feel better, Cutie! The gallery wall sounds like it will be cool. xo

  3. happy love (every) day Kalee and G!!! Liking your wall art and very creative of you:) Feel better soon!