Sunday, February 27, 2011

People Versus Things

Which matters most?  There are a gazillion to-dos still on our list of things to get done before G leaves.  We might get 2 or 3 done tops.  We bought bookshelves that may sit in their boxes in the office for months and months before they're built.  Because after all of the hullabaloo of last night----from which I now have a sparkling organized first floor (living room/kitchen/dining room)---- we could spend all day breaking our backs again (both of us are as sore as if we had done a day at the gym), going through boxes.  But the reality is I value this last bit of time with my husband more than anything else.  So yes, the basement and spare room may be both full of boxes, but I've lived on my own before, I can handle it myself, and they matter so little to me right now.  I should call it my sanity mess.  The mess that will save me from the house feeling too empty, too put together.

And I'm typing this as we head out the door to eat at the Indian restaurant for the third time this week (can you tell what food G is going to miss?).  I usually have things messed up and value things and order over my relationships (just ask G who yesterday got a bit emotional before we started 6 hours of cleaning because he didn't want to fight and we always fight when we're doing a lot of organizing/cleaning).  But today I'm sitting back, being a bit introspective and realizing I may hate the mess when he's gone, but I'm going to miss him more.


  1. *Sniff* Sad, sweet and wise. Enjoy your time together. Book cases can always wait.

  2. {{Hug}} You are absolutely right! I am guilty of putting my To Do List before my family but I try extra hard these days to let it go. Everyone says this, but it's true... in the end, no one will ever remember if your floor was clean (or your bookshelves put together). They will remember the time you spent with them.

  3. I think that is so smart! You definitely want to treasure this time with G and those boxes will be there until you get to them. Like you I think I would go a bit nuts without something like that to work on in a situation like this! How long until he leaves? Enjoy each other for however long it is!