Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Surge

Today was a whirl.  Up for church, then off doing some shopping to kill time.  Thanks to coming up with an idea for our home, plus a list of things we need we were able to buy some items that we needed/wanted (such as a bath mat for our guest bath), while avoiding spending needlessly.  Then it was back to church for a couple's prayer service and dinner.  We have only been married nearly 4 years.  The longest marriage there was 64 years.  And the husband (who served in WWII) stood up and said some beautiful words about what an amazing wife and mother his wife was.  Both awesome people.

(To keep things in reference as to how much younger we are than everyone else at our church, the next shortest marriage after ours was 19 years.  But we're loved and we love it there.)

Then it was off to Home Depot for a small dropcloth, some super glue, and some brown paper.  As soon as we got home we attended to the animals, and then it was upstairs to our office to begin with what turned into 6 hour madness.  I sat on the dropcloth painting the inside of some dresser drawers.  Six drawers, two coats each.  Then, being in a painting mood I went to town painting many a thing shades of pale blue greys.  
(Had to use the flash because it was super dark otherwise)
(photo from England, the iron thing is in the middle, partially hidden by the tulips.  It was dark but now is a pretty blue-grey!)

We were able to get the dresser put into the closet in the office, hooked up the printer, put in the boxes we bought at The Container Store yesterday, and I even added the beautiful orchid I picked up a couple of weeks ago at IKEA (yep, IKEA!).  The pictures I just added as we were playing with the look.

I am super excited that the dresser is pretty much finished (I want to touch up the cream and gold paint on the outside) because it means the large box of office supplies up in our suite can be moved down and put away.  It was just the kick start we needed for the office, and we'll be priming and painting this week.  We'll also be building a wall of IKEA bookcases with lights and glass doors (we finally decided that G building them would have had to wait until he got back, and we want our books put away).  The desk is being finished up (as we debate whether or not we love the color I think we're going to say it's okay for now), the sofa is being moved up, and the frame for the television is being hung to await a t.v. this fall.  I'm going to be thrilled when it's all finished as it will be my command station for getting the rest of the house done, as well as a place to write and read.

So, now it's nearly 3 a.m., I have an appointment with a specialist about my tailbone in 5 1/2 hours, so I think perhaps it's time to crash.  I feel like we accomplished a lot tonight (G pulled all our dvd's and alphabetized them and began putting them into a little box that holds the discs), and we're both looking forward to getting a ton done tomorrow.  Maybe we'll even finally get the Christmas tree taken down!*

*Yep, it's still up.  With all of our glass ornaments we have been debating the best way to store them.  Finally decided on tissue paper and small cardboard boxes.  Got the tissue paper and will be picking up boxes at the store tomorrow.  Then the little boxes will be stored in totes. 

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  1. I have three iron "decor" pieces that worked in our previous home but are too dark for our new one. I am now inspired to apply some paint to them.

    I also have a plan to paint the closet walls and shelves a bright blue. But maybe I'll paint the insides of an inexpensive armoire I have that shade of blue - French blue, now that I think of it. Paint is such a relatively inexpensive way to freshen up tired pieces/walls.

    Thanks for givine me some food for thought!