Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blessings This Week

So, it seems we've been hit from every side since G has been gone.  The water bill up in the air, the crazy expensive lock-out (mind you all he did was blow air pillows up and jimmy the door), G's pay has been messed up, and today he informs me that the mortgage payment never came out, that he's had to call the bank and deal with it, but it definitely tightens things (after I had already went ahead and paid double on my student loans amongst other things).  But we have always been okay, and we will make it through this.  My faith says to me that between this and my health issues we're either being tested or attacked or both, so I've asked for plentiful amounts of prayers. 

However, that being said I am choosing to look at the blessings from this week rather than the downfalls.  I had an amazingly crazy dinner with two girls I think are awesome.  I've managed to not get any parking tickets (which in this city can be kind of a miracle).  Our rug showed up for our front room, and though I've been a bit unsure I like it well enough, we desperately need a rug in here, and at $250 for an 8 x10 I think I did pretty good (I caught it on sale, and even had a price adjustment made). 

I also got to have a 4 1/2 hour long chat with my best friend last night.  She is one of the best people I know, and it was much needed.  I'm continually working on getting her to move out here, because really, why not? :)

I've been able to keep my house as neat and orderly as it was when G left, and have begun working on the rest.  I'm refusing to get overwhelmed by it, and taking it bit by bit.  One of my friends has offered to come help build bookshelves and move furniture when I need it.  I am truly blessed by those in my life and hope I am able to do the same for them.

And last, because of my cooking skills, I know that I can get by with spending very little.  I've got roasted chicken in the freezer for various meals, I'm getting eggs to make the tart, and I will make it through these times.  No one is dying, and I think a little bit of perspective is needed to calm me.  Life is still good.

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