Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hitting A Wall

I have had a few stress inducers this past week, and would appreciate all the prayers I can get.  Our water bill was nearly 6 times the normal amount, with no indication of a leak, so we are hoping it's either the meter is messed up or was read wrong.  I'm not worried about the bill, our water company will adjust it one time if we show proof that there was some plumbing issues, but because of a lack of indication of a leak it might mean there is a leak under the sidewalk right in front of our home and I cannot even imagine how much that will cost.  So, stomach is in knots and I'm freaking out because stuff like this of course has to happen when G's gone.  So please keep me in your prayers with that.

Other than that I think I've hit that point where I've been go, go, go in order to keep busy and not notice he's gone and now I'm exhausted.  I got up at 7 this morning, moved the car to the other side of the street (for street cleaning), and then crawled back in bed until noon.  It's only 7:30 and I've been wanting a nap for several hours now.  I just have zero energy.  And yes, I thank God that I have no kids right now because I cannot imagine having to function to that extent.

So, I'm off to brew a strong pot of coffee and call my best friend for some coffee talk (and yes, the coffee is a necessity!


  1. Kalee,

    That would be so upsetting! I'd be out smooshing the ground all over to see if it is extra soggy in a specific area. Even if the leak were under the sidewalk the water would spread to around the sidewalk and you should be able to feel it with that much water, I would think.

    Lets talk again soon.


  2. Yeah, I'm hopeful that it's nothing because I would also think it would have started leaking through the brick into our basement. But nope, nothing. And no soft spots that I can discover.

  3. Your water company should be reasonable...there's only 1/2 of you living there. Unless you have a pool tucked away somewhere they have got to admit it is an error.

    Stay strong and make sure you take care of you. Lean on the people who love you. It's what they would want to do anyway.

  4. Kalee, you are doing so well. i have lurked on your blog for months and months (came there from How to be chic) and I can only imagine the strain you and your husband are under right now. But your blog posts show how resilient you are, how reflective and thoughtful.

    Thinking of you, over here in Old Blighty. :)