Friday, March 25, 2011

French Friday

Ahhh, another Friday, another new weekend to begin.  Unfortunately I was hoping to take the dogs out on a long walk this weekend, but we're expecting snow.  C'est la vie!

Today I slept in a little.  I've been trying to get more sleep, even if the timing seems abnormal (going to bed in the wee hours of the morning and awakening in the late morning/early afternoon time frame).  The eye mask has been a tremendous help.  But I awoke and got ready quickly.  A simple outfit of jeans with a black crew neck tee and black flats, livened up by the Hermes scarf draped around my neck loosely.  I kept my make-up simple, with just a little taupe cream eye shadow (Corfu by Nars) and some mascara and a light dusting or Nars Orgasm blush.  Then I was off to run down to base to check my mail and then head up north to have coffee with a friend.  We've both had interesting weeks, and it's good to have someone here who I feel gets that life is not always simple, but attempts to stay happy as I do. 

We parted to each go off into our evenings and while I needed to pick up something for dinner, I swung into TJMaxx to look for a third Euro Sham for our bed.  No such luck, but I did find something to put plants in.  I'm hoping to spend this summer turning our tiny back yard into a beautiful place to sit and sip iced tea or citron presses.  I think this piece will look lovely with greenery spilling out between the bars, non?
 It's about 2 feet tall.  Oh, and ignore the tuft of Sophie's hair....even though I've swept and vacuumed it's cold so the heat is on and blowing fun stuff around.  Grrr.

I picked up some iris buds last night that are slowly unfurling and the hyacinth at the top of the post.  Hyacinth in my favorite floral smell.  I think it's heavenly.  And now whenever I smell it I think of two things:  my grandmama's garden, and my Aunt Karol.  When I went to visit during spring break when I was 20, my Aunt Karol and I explored Pike Place Market in Seattle.  They had hyacinth and I think I mentioned how much I loved the smell.  So my aunt picked some up and put it in the bathroom I was using while I was there.  So the smell reminds me of my childhood and amazing hospitality.   Some day I'm going to have a garden where there is rows of hyacinth and tulips and daffodils and iris.  Spring flowers always seem so happy to me. 

I had some frozen pizza for dinner.  Before you think, "But that's not chic!" let me explain.  Trader Joe has an organic red pepper pizza that has actually less ingredients that I would take to make the pizza (since I put a ton of ingredients in my sauce).  It's simple, natural ingredients, everything is pronounceable, and last time I checked I don't think it has any preservatives.  It's a simple delicious pizza that I normally pair with salad, but I've been avoiding bagged salad/lettuce (and theirs didn't look so hot anyway) so I grabbed some broccoli instead.

I'm off to begin my weekend tidying.  This impending snow will not get me down!  I'll just use the cooler weather as an excuse to make a big pot of soup!  What are your weekend plans?


  1. TJ Maxx is a dangerous, dangerous place for me. Love that bird cage thing.

    I'm going to spend the weekend being happy, and doing as little as possible. :)

  2. I just bought some flowers myself! Even though it's not very Spring -ish around here either, what with all the chilly rain, I bought some daffodils to brighten up the house. Your flowers are such a pretty color.

    I just stocked up on TJ's pizzas. I like the margherita and the veggie one with asparagus. I think they are very chic compared to a Domino's pizza.
    It seems that we are doing lots of the same things of late - I am constantly getting after pet hair, too! And I just scored a couple things at Ross (which is pretty much like Marshall's, but I like Marshall's better).

    Happy Weekend to you!

  3. A lovely French Friday. I love the smell of hyacinth; I had a huge row I planted at our house when we lived in Seattle. The color is just fantastic.

    It's so nice to spend a day revelling in the simple, elegant things: good coffee, good friend, good flowers, good food. Oh, and good bargain finding!