Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Holy Ground

There have been a few times in my life where something has struck me so hard that it has stayed with me.  Where chills have run up and down my body and I feel what I call God speaking to me.  Once was at a worship gathering in college when a guy was speaking and he said something about earning this life we're given.  And it hit me so hard I wanted to go out immediately and tattoo "Earn This" on the inside of my wrist (I'm still considering it....it would be done small enough to be hidden by a bracelet watch for formal events).  And even now when I need the reminder I repeat in my head "Earn this life."

So it's nearly 2:30 a.m. and I can't sleep because I'm on a crazy schedule that seems to be working.  And I'm reading blogs and then I'm reading Katie's blog and I swear if you don't know this blog, you need to because it's a powerful one.  I've read it off an on for nearly 2 years. She's a young woman, no more than 21 living in Uganda doing good works.  She's adopted 14 young girls who she is raising while helping others.  Parts of her story will break you heart.  But I was back reading and she talks about a woman who looks nearly 100 years old who has had much strife in her life, even recently, and that this woman's prayer request was "Whatever he wants." as she chuckled.  She laughed even though there is much adversity.  And Katie says:

"I look at the joy that is spilling out of her wrinkled face and I repeat the words that she has spoken in my head and that doesn't make sense.  She is hurt and she is suffering and she is laughing about it and sparkling with beauty and radiating Joy.  That doesn't make sense.  Not to me.  Not yet.  But she already knows what I am just learning.  That even this, it is from Him.  Even this, it is Holy ground.  This thing that I label suffering, it is really Joy."

And the thing is, I don't have much suffering.  I'm a glass half full sort of girl who tends to forget her worries.  I choose happiness, even when it's difficult.  Not all the time.  Sometimes that is a struggle.  But it's what has kept me going even when it gets rough.  So that didn't hit hard, though I thought it was an excellent point.

It was that suddenly the words Holy Ground stood out to me.  And I got chills.  And before I could stop it the words "My home is Holy ground" popped into my head.  Suddenly it hit me that taking care of my home really is taking care of holy ground.  It's providing a warm and clean and organized place for myself and my husband.  It's creating a place of rest and respite and joy.  It's in taking care of my home that I display that which is most dear to me, my family.  This is what I want to teach our children someday.  That home is sacred.  Home is holy ground.  That God is here. 

So I'm going to paint a piece for our home that says, "This is Holy ground."  Because I need the reminder sometimes.


  1. I've been reading her blog too! Such an encouragement when I feel like I'm struggling when not as much as others. Oh holy ground, yes, I agree that our house can be God centered:)

  2. I like that, our home is holy ground. I want to begin to view my home that way and see how it changes me.

  3. Kalee, thanks for sharing Katie's blog. I hadn't seen it before. It pretty much floored me. And you're absolutely right about home being holy ground. I couldn't agree more.

  4. I agree: home is sanctuary, and home is holy ground. It is a place of welcome and not shame, of joy and not strife, of giving and not selfishly taking. Marriage is sacred, and so is community and friendship. When we recognize God in our homes as an active member, it changes our perspective on just about everything.

  5. Oh wow - I really love this. Earn this life is such a great way to focus on your life. And the idea of your home as holy ground? Absolutely. Thank you for your perspective on both of these.