Monday, March 14, 2011

Like A Museum

I want my home to eventually be like a museum.  Not off limits, but simply thoughtfully and carefully put together to form a beautiful place to relax and just be.  So I'm indecisive about things that come into my home sometime because it has to be right.  Not okay.  Not, "well, it will work."  But perfection. 

This afternoon G and I spend the time on Skype discussing life.  I've finally found a sort of peace here in Charm City.  It is not Home, but I am working on making it a home of sorts for me.  We perused oil portraits online.  There are a few that I would love to drop $10,000 on (total), but we'll be considering one.  A large purchase yes, but one we've been planning on for a long time.  (and yes we'll have it appraised and insured when the time comes.)  We love art and incorporating it into our home seems perfectly natural, no matter the price point.  We have original art in our home that is mixed in with high quality prints and pieces we picked up for a song at thrift stores... it all just sort of works because we love each piece. 

I think that you have to love what you own.  For us, we know this house is not our forever home (if I get my way that place will be in someplace like Cork Co. Ireland), so each piece needs to fit not just the house, but us.  That mirror I was able to pick up for free is fantastic.  I've set it up on the bar and I smile each time I walk past it.  I feel that it was clearly meant for us, it's perfection.  I love finding pieces that I know we'll have until we no longer own anything.  I feel fortunate that my love of old things has been a lifetime passion; I used to peruse antique store with my grandmama, even when I was in elementary school.  I love their history, the story that a scratch can tell.  Sometimes they need to be repaired and sometimes they need to be loved because of their flaws.  Sort of like people, non?

So while it may be incredibly frustrating to have a home that feels like it is taking so long to put together, I know that it's a lifetime journey.  Of searching to find the pieces that will make a home look like we live here.  Sometimes it's a little eccentric or over the top.  But so are we at times.  And your home should be a reflection of you, of the things you love.  I think that's why minimalist homes leave me feeling cold, like I have no idea who the people are.  When there is nothing around that speaks of you, I wonder who you are and why you feel the need to hide it.  (Mind you, I think they're beautfiul but still leave me hanging.)

If you had one thing in your home that speaks the most of you, what is it, or what would it be?  A piano front and center to show your love of music?  A snow globe that represents childhood summers? 


  1. I like that mirror, it looks like it has a lot of character.
    I too want a beautiful home, it doesn't have to be huge or perfect, but comfortable, homey and reflective of my taste and personality. Unfortunately, my husband and I still aren't in a settled place yet either so for the time being I'm making little tweaks here and there in our current home to try and make it a bit more like me :-)

  2. You're so right--that mirror is gorgeous, and a piece that you will have forever!

  3. The smile test is one I try to live by! If it doesn't make me catch my breath when I first see it or want to smile or do a little dance ~ then it's not quite right. I think you are right on for taking your time! You will love your space so much more in the end!

  4. I'm on the same journey as you, trying to find all pieces that I love.

    I love the mirror :)