Saturday, March 19, 2011

Table For One, Please

Tonight after talking to G about how Indian food sounded so good, he told me to go by myself and use my groupon.  My groupon.  The one for $40 worth of food.  Um, okay.  I didn't realize it was going to end up being as hard as it was to spend. 

So I told them it was just me tonight and was shown to a  booth.  I started to ask for something, but he finished my sentence knowing I like to drink my masala tea throughout.  And then I proceeded to order, which got me looks from those dining around me.  I ordered the kabob platter to start (a huge sizzling platter of shrimp, lamb, and chicken spiced and with onions and cilantro....normally 4 servings).  Then I ordered the shahi paneer (housemade cheese in a spicy tomato tikka masala type sauce) and chicken saag (chicken in spinach).  An order of tandoor roti (like naan, but whole wheat). 

So the starter came out and I took one piece of each meat and cut that up as I ate.  The plate was sizzling, at one point a piece of meat went flying as I was plating it, and I had to rush to make sure the red spices didn't stain my grey wool cardigan.  But it was delicious.

And then the main course came out.  For those who hadn't heard me order (or rather him repeat back my order),  they noticed and began staring.   Who was this woman eating all this food.  But really?  I ate probably 1/10 of the rice, a couple spoonfuls of each entree (focusing on the sauce, because I love Indian sauces), and 1/4 of the piece of roti.  The rest got boxed up in the end, so I have a couple more meals out of it (probably 3-4 meals). 

Well, I couldn't just leave without dessert could I?  So I ordered the kheer and slowly ate that as I finished my second pot of tea.  I had brought a book to read in between courses as I sipped my tea. 

All in all I was there for nearly 2 hours, I had a blast (the waiters there all know me and will stop to talk), and I now have enough Indian leftover to freeze some for a later day.  Who says you can't take yourself to a sit down dinner in a crowded restaurant.  Flaunt your boldness!


  1. I had to learn how to take myself to dinner. My husband's job takes him out of town most of the month, and before that he was an active duty Marine. The first time was a little daunting, but now I love treating myself to eating where I want when I want. Enjoy your leftovers!!

  2. I've been reading your blog for awhile without commenting. I think it is so great that you went to dinner alone. I've always wanted to do it. Awesome =)

  3. Jean, it really can be daunting, because some people think it's odd (particularly when you're ordering enough for a table of 4), but I love it!

    Marlie, thanks for commenting! You definitely have to take yourself to dinner sometime, it can be a wonderful and relaxing dinner because you're in your won company.

  4. Good for you! You boldly ordered all the food, knowing you would be taking the majority of it home, and you didn't give a fig what others thought about it. You knew you were being decadent AND economical at the same time. Cheers to you!