Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taking Care

So, I've discovered that my least favorite thing about G being gone is that when I come down with something it's left to me to take care of me.  No person to run to the drugstore at 3 a.m. for cough drops (thank God we stocked up before he left).  I don't know if it's the weather, but I have a seriously sore throat and I'm wishing I had oil of oregano around (something my Aunt told me about but I've never tried because I so rarely get any sort of ills). 

But taking care of me I am.  I texted a friend (I'd call, but she's a teacher at work) to cancel plans for this evening, got a small bowl of blueberries and some pecans (avoiding dairy) and made some coffee.  It's been raining for what seems like days, so I'm staying in, curling up to watch Top Model and read more of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (I've been slacking on my reading) and even going to clean my bathroom.  Being sick doesn't give me any excuses to simply while the day away!

I'm actually thinking of learning to make homemade homeo-pathic cough drops (my ideas of learning natural medicine will have to wait for another day, but let's just say it involved a big table in my basement, herbs hanging from the ceiling and lots of glass jars and bottles of tinctures and teas). 

Do you have any homemade remedies you swear by for any sort of ill? 


  1. Sorry you have the sicks.

    I would gargle regularly with warm salt water and, if you have a saline nasal rinse - neti pot thingy - do that too. And sleep as much as you can.
    My stepdaughter Tori just caught something earlier this week. I made her stay home in bed for about 24 hours and although she is still sick, she is doing much better.

    I hope you feel better soon :(

    (Maybe something will come in the mail today to help cheer you up)

  2. Sorry that you are not feeling so well. Just snuggle up in bed and enjoy your book. Take care of yourself and don't try to do too much. Only home remedy I can think of right now is the hot toddie my grandmother made me, using vinegar instead of whiskey. Sounds icky, but worked pretty good when I was little.

  3. Hope you feel better, Sweetie... get some sleep. xo

  4. When I had sore throats, my mother made me gargle with very warm salt water. The first couple of gargles sting like crazy, but the salt "cleans out" your throat, and it feels good after awhile. This is a cheap and natural method.

    I also drink LOTS of herbal tea with lemon and honey. Several drops of whiskey or brandy may go in, too. My grandfather, who was a teetotaler, always kept whiskey on hand for colds. One bottle would last many, many years.

    And then there's chicken soup! It really works, even if you need to make vegetable-broth soup with veggies, a jalapeno, and some yummy noodles.