Thursday, March 10, 2011

From The Beginning

G and I are taking these 6 months as a time to truly improve ourselves and our marriage.  I'm working on the home front.  A big thing is that I figure if I can continue to make so much effort for just lil ol' me with meals that I can continue to do so when he comes home.  I'm planning to crack open the recipe books and really begin getting my hands dirty.  And for me, part of this includes learning to do things even more from scratch.  Now, if you've been around this blog for a bit you know I tend to do things from scratch anyways.  But something I don't do a lot of is deal with dried beans, unless it's a recipe (such as our winter bean and sausage soup) that I've always used dried beans in.  But, dried beans are more econimical, have less salt, no preservatives and are a great way to incorporate protein without breaking the bank.  For instance, that roasted chicken would go far with salads and soups if you were adding beans as another source of protein.  You no longer have to eat a lot of meat with those things because the beans back it up.

So last night for my Ash Wednesday dinner I decided to postpone the goat cheese tart because I was supposed to get together with a friend this evening (before the sore throat hit) and didn't want a soggy tart left at home.  Instead I took spinach and arugula (the full sized type, not baby salad), tore them up, threw them in the salad spinner and put into the fridge to keep crisp.  I cooked the beans and sauteed the mushrooms....all before heading to Ash Wednesday Mass.  I wasn't eating until I returned home and this prep work made it simpler.

So, a little salad, a little bit of mushrooms, some beans, a tomato,a beet cut up and some goat cheese (I bought a large log for the tart) and I had dinner.  A tiny bit of balsamic dressing whipped up and it was looking like a plate of deliciousness.  All yummy healthy goodness!

* I apologize for the lack of photos lately, as I know they definitely help with content.  However, I'm planning on investing in a Nikon DSLR sometime before the weekend is over (if I can ever stop being so anxious about the cost and choosing the right one).  So, more photos soon!

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  1. This sounds delicious! I love thrown together salads like that, especially with the beans and goat cheese. So very French!