Friday, March 11, 2011


My husband is old school.  He dreams of a library that smells of old books and smoke from a fireplace, with leather chairs, huge windows with heavy drapes.  Why yes, even a ladder in the two story room that helps conceal a secret passageway.  I suppose you could say he's a gentleman's gentleman.  So when he chose the DwellStudio bedding I was on board.  White and black like I wanted, a darker motif to suit him.  But what to pair with it?
The grey pillows in the back.

Well, we already had dark purple sheets from Wal-Mart (yes, Wal-Mart and they're actually good!).  I originally wanted to do menswear bedding for G, so it was complete fate that last night at TjMaxx I came across two Ralph Lauren euro shams in a charcoal chalk stripe.  I snatched them up and frolicked off home to see if they would work with the duvet cover.  And honestly, I think they will!  I'm hunting down a third euro sham because I like the look of the three across the back of a bed, as well as a matching bed skirt (though with our king duvet on a queen bed there won't be much need for one).
Now, before anyone thinks the room is going to be G's, I must explain that by doing his masculine pieces it balances out the girly pieces I plan to put in.  I have my eye on tall crystal lamps, the pillow from CB2, as well as a scrunchy throw in a teal from IKEA.  And my grandmama's antique rose plate will be hung on the wall.
The last piece for our room is definitely a planned purchase that we'll be saving for: a leather chair, made here in USA, with nailhead trim. 

Now if I could just decide bewteen a nickel plated bed or a wood bed base with tufted headboard!

For those who share a bedroom, do you compromise or simply do it your way because the other person doesn't care?


  1. Our bedroom is a mix of masculine and feminine. My linens are tailored, all of the furniture is wood and heavy, but the pictures are serene and the lamps are clear glass. I think it's VERY feminine to have primarily masculine elements (so long as they are classical rather than modern) with feminine accessories. Like Katherine Hepburn wearing menswear trousers. Somehow, to me, it's more feminine than pink ruffles. Perhaps it says, "A woman lives here - and she knows what a man likes."

  2. Rebekah, that is an excellent way of wording it!