Saturday, March 12, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors

One of our favorite little local restaurants is Clementine.  It's a kind of hip place that I've talked about before.  They do their own charcuterie and it is delicious!  The owner's mother also makes old fashioned homemade desserts that are like heaven in each bite.  We've been going there from when we were first looking at houses, and have continued to go back since (it doesn't help that it's next door to our church, which we also found while out searching for homes!).  But one of our favorite things is not the food (though divine) but the decor.  They showcase local artwork for sale on the walls, including photography by students at the local elementary (that is surprisingly very good).  And behind the bar it looks like this:
Photo credit

It's a bunch of well spaced various mirrors.  Both G and I love it, it really is the focal point of that room (the restaurant has two spaces, decorated differently).  So, as a surprise for when G gets home I'm going to be collecting mirrors so that soon I can do an entire wall of them (probably above our bar in order to bounce light around the room, or on the wall that runs from the door to the stairs---both will look excellent reflecting a huge chandelier I am planning to get for the middle of the room).  I scored a major find this morning on freecycle and picked up this beauty:
It's definitely going to be one of the highlights for the wall!  It's at it's widest points 25"x45", and beautiful rose carved wood.  Which suits our house beautifully as my grandmother's dining chairs have roses on the backs. 
So, while the wall of mirrors will be in our front/living/sitting room, it will reflect the same elements of our dining room.

I love whole walls that host a collection.  We've got some quirky ideas I'm working on (art walls, as well as an author wall in our office).  The long wall that run the entire length of our home without interruption (shared with the front room, the kitchen, and the dining room) will eventually be covered entirely in portrait paintings we'll be collecting over the next few years.  We're planning to purchase one nice one after G gets home to begin!

Would you ever consider doing a whole wall of something?


  1. Two things I adore, a wall of similar hangings be it art or mirrors, and mirrors on their own. I rely on them heavily in my house as it is small. That's a great find!

  2. Can you teach me (via online tutorial or something!) how to put pictures on my blog? Also, in response to the message you sent me earlier this are too hard on yourself! And you still inspire me to try new things by the way. As a matter of fact I just wrote on my blog about how before this month is over I want to make a tart or a quiche because you write about making them all the time. :)

  3. Love the mirror. I think a whole wall of mirrors, or nice old-style prints (may be of flowers?) would be nice. Or modern art prints? Like, all Miro...
    Of course, it also depends on what colors is the furniture in the room.

    Thanks for your comments on my blogs. As for the gorgonzola cheese... you can make mushroom pizza with feta cheese, or Fontina cheese for a softer taste. If anything else fails, just go for a good mozzarella!

  4. That mirror is stunning--what a find. I think Baltimore's freecycle must be better than DC's!

  5. I have a wall in my home office that is devoted to black-and-white pictures of Paris.

    And our hallways is dedicated to original artwork we pick up on vacation as souvenirs from our travels. So far, we have San Francisco, Mt. Ranier, Bolivia, St. Croix, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, and Wales.

  6. I'm signing up for freecycle. :)