Monday, April 25, 2011

Dreaming of Next Spring

I live right near D.C., but for the second year in a row I have not seen the Cherry Blossom Festival.  My schedule was packed this year, and sadly even when my girlfriends did go, they came back reporting that a blustery wind a few days before had blown off all the blossoms.  So I reassured them that we would go early and go often next spring.  Even better because G will be home! 

And because I'm a girl who loves accessories and cannot wait to walk around a lot next spring....but who is also fair skinned, I've been on the lookout for a lace parasol.  I finally saw one in a local antique store....but it wasn't an antique and she still wanted $120 for it!  She's essentially this really kooky insane woman, but really she needs to do more research for prices. 
(image from their site)
So I decided to search online and found Lace Parasols, a site specializing in lace parasols, gloves, fans, etc.  And they have a ton of options for under $50!  I'm currently trying to decide which pattern I love best, though I'm leaning towards The Inez

So, would you ever carry a lace parasol in the sun?  Or am I bit too eccentric for you?

* I was not contacted by, paid, or asked to do a promotion of their site.  I was just delighted when I stumbled across it and thought to share! 


  1. I have a parasol from that site, a gorgeous black one. I prefer them to hats, cooler in the summer. I have lupus and cannot deal with too much sun with my condition. You will enjoy it!!

  2. I would! Then I wouldn't get hat hair.

  3. I totally have that parasol!! (the one in your pic). But I'm obviously a bit foolish because I did pay more than $120 for it....


  4. I love parasols :-) I've been wanting to buy one for the past couple of years but they are extremely difficult to get.

  5. I live in Phoenix, and we have a lack of parasols. You sometimes see people walking about with umbrellas shading them from the sun, but it's not the same.