Monday, April 25, 2011

I could sleep a million years.  The madness of this week coupled with trying to have time to talk to Garret has left me with little energy.  I fell asleep Easter afternoon on my friends sofa after getting her into Downton Abbey!  I felt horrible, but since I'd already helped with the meal (and helped finish it later) I guess she probably didn't mind.

So this week I apologize if I'm around less.  I'll be sleeping.  And reading.  Maybe do a little window shopping to see what I might want for my birthday (and look at a few items for our anniversary).  I hope everyone had an incredible weekend, no matter what they were (or weren't) celebrating!


  1. Sleep sounds nice this week. :o) But with 6 littles, guess that's not on my to-do list! lol Sleep an extra hour for me, k?

  2. Sleep sounds nice, too. I have a few days left at my in-laws before I drive home to sunny, hot Texas. My neices and rest of family are high maintenance, and I'm looking forward to a day of quiet, in my pajamas, and maybe watching some trashy TV.

    Did you see Upstairs Downstairs? Gorgeous, gorgeous costumes. As Rachel Zoe says, I could die...I may have to pick up some blood red nail polish and lipstick.