Monday, April 4, 2011

Moules Mariniere

A week ago, for my Sunday dinner I made a simple dinner of moules mariniere.  I had never made them before, and was absolutely terrified that I would mess it up (because I've never cooked any sort of shellfish...well crabs, and that was a horrible experience).  Turns out it was easy as pie.  These things cook in no more than 5 minutes.  Easy peasy and delicious, perfect served with some French bread or French fries and a glass of chilled white wine.
Have you ever cooked shellfish?  Scallops scare me even more and as much as I love lobster, I haven't brought myself to doing that yet!


  1. I cook shrimp a lot, but crabs and crawfish are best left to a large seafood boil outside. I've never made this at home, but chargrilled oysters are divine and one of my favorite things to order when we go out. Your dish looks amazing!

  2. I make shrimp once a week and have cooked scallops (as easy as moules; don't be scared!). My parents eat clams and oysters frequently, and I learned to cook from them. Usually, the simpler the recipe the better. You did very well in your creation!

  3. Oh, my! That looks DELICIOUS! Wanna send some of that my way?