Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today was a beautiful day.  Church was good.  Friends and I had lunch and walked around the inner harbor and then had coffee with conversation that was real and good and ranged all over the spectrum of life.  These girls have kept me sane with their laughter even in the harder moments of life, and I hope I've offered the same. 

I came home and called G's skype and woke him and he was so excited to hear from me because it's been days without any real conversation.  Apparently their has been some flirtations and I might have to fly to Iraq, though I think a well placed "I miss my wife's cooking" should do the trick.  His wedding band is too large and we worried about him losing it there so he left it at home.  Because I've known him for so long, though of course I find him very attractive, I am always amused and amazed when women flirt with him.  He finds it perplexing, and loves to laugh about it and get me "like a rhinoceros with angry intent" as I described myself tonight.

I find myself content.  The future will always be an uncertainty, but I find there is a calmness in knowing my husband will be my husband until at least death do us part.  That men staring or silly girls flirting, rather than offering an out, simply adds up to a book of amusing stories to someday tell the grandchildren. 

Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the mid 70's and I am looking forward to it warming up a bit.  I'm all for the long as the sun doesn't show it's deceitful head.  Don't you hate when the weather isn't honest?


  1. Just something to make you jealous...we hit a record high today of 93 degrees. Then it left to bring in some awesome storms. You're oh so jealous; I can feel it :P

  2. I think it's nice when another woman thinks my husband is attractive and interesting ... because he is. He's also a completely devoted husband and father, which also make him attractive.

    Glad you had a happy weekend!