Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have recently begun watching Downton Abbey, set in England pre-WWI.  Starts off right after the Titanic sank.  So far, I find it quite fascinating, though I am only a few episodes in.  My thoughts so far:

* I was apparently born into the wrong time period and station.  I would have done well in this house.  Honestly, I'd even take the role of one of the servants if only to live in that home!

* I think I have a thing for crinkles.  (the wrinkles around the eyes you get when your eyes crinkle when they, just made that up....think I'm going to make a card for G!)  G has them, and I adore them.  And the valet Bates?  I love his!

* Maggie Smith could be in anything and I'd watch it.  I'm going to wear black when that woman dies.  For now she's still spry, though in her late 70's.  She's amazing.  If I ever went back to acting she's one of the top people on my list I'd love to even just get coffee for.

* I must look and find some of those servant bells for when we end up in our final home.  It would be nice to have them but instead of in the kitchen, have them in each bedroom to ring for breakfast time.

* I want that kitchen.  The rustic usefulness of it.  The huge table to sit at and share simple meals.

* The costumes are divine and I swear that I'm going to end up the eccentric old woman dressing in period costumes when I get older.  Life is too short to wear a boring dress.

Have you seen this show?  I'm in love.


  1. Life IS too short to wear a boring dress. That could be a closet declutterer's motto.

  2. Oh, I meant to tell you another easy meal suggestion. I learned this one from my friend in the French Alps.

    Once you've made some kind of marinara/tomato sauce, you can also use it for a gratin courgette: zucchini gratin.

    Slice 3, 4, or 5-ish zucchini 1/4" thick. Then just layer them in a gratin dish with tomato sauce, salt/pepper, and mozzarella. Bake uncovered at 375 till bubbly. Needs to be thick-bubbly, not thin-bubbly, because the salt will leech water out of the zucchini and you need to give it some time to evaporate in the oven.

    (You can also salt and dab the zucchini before you cook it, but that's a little extra effort. Up to you.)

    Very healthy, very easy, and super yummy.

    If you have leftover chicken, sausage, other vegetables, what have you ... just throw it in.

    Sometimes I also like to put a little ricotta in there as well.

  3. I have seen it. I am in LOVE with the series! I can't wait until they air some more, I thought that I heard it was coming again in November. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

  4. We love Downton Abbey at our house. We've been watching it on Sundays nights...for the second time this winter. I love roasting a chicken, enjoying a nice dessert, and afterward settling down to Downton Abbey to end the weekend in style. I'm with you - I'm from another era, too. Those clothes are just stunning and I adore that house. Very inspiring!

  5. I love British ps. I find the actors more genuine and the scripts far superior and intelligent than American counterparts.

  6. Where can I see this show? I will have to check Netflix!


  7. I loved DA when it was on in January. I can hardly wait for the second series. Maggie Smith could be in a Quentin Tarantino movie and I would probably see it because she is, as Quentin would probably phrase it, da bomb.