Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Out of Commission

My computer decided yesterday that it would no longer charge.  Turns out Max had been gnawing on the power cord behind my back.  Luckily that turned out to be a quick fix at the Apple store.  And I read nearly an entire book to kill time ("I Am Mary Sutter"  review coming soon.).  I discovered one thing during this 24 hour period though....I am entirely too reliant on this machine. 

I use it to entertain me, to gain information, to talk to my husband.  So it being broke was not an option.  I used it yesterday morning to find the recipe I really should write down for cocoa brownies, and then when I arrived back home (container empty....the brownies were a hit!) the computer was dead.  No amount of sweet talking or cursing revived it.  I felt like Mary and Martha with Lazarus, and I was pretty sure Jesus didn't care to revive my machine. 

But I'm back.  Which is good.  I had to do guesswork on which restaurant I was meeting my wives group at today because I couldn't access my e-mail.  Life is just much simpler with technology.....but I've learned the hard lesson that I need back-up options. 


  1. At least your animal ate teh cord. My toddler keeps trying to eat ming.

  2. You should get a phone capable of email access. Like an iphone :p

  3. I hate that we're so dependent on these things. It's our own fault. But your dependence affords you the luxury of talking with your husband, so I feel your pain!!!