Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tis The Season

I feel like I'm either doing absolutely nothing or running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  This whole week has been insane.  Had a cyst on my ovary is completely gone.  Hallelujah!  I think I've secretly been terrified it would come back and be cancer and with G gone that would be a nightmare.

Anytime I want to check mail I have to plan it, since it's down on base.  So I make a small day of it, checking my mail, filling up the gas tank on base, and picking up staples that we get at the commissary.  Mundane things, but it seems to take a whole half of a day.

And then of course we're closing in on the Easter season.  I was late to church today, and then rushed home to shower (dry shampoo was my friend this morning since I was running so late) and change into a dress to go see Steel Magnolias performed at the local Knights of Columbus hall.  Tomorrow is another talk on immigration for my Monday class, and I've offered to make a dessert for the lunch part.

Next Saturday I have a Seder dinner our church is doing.  Never been to one before, and I'm quite curious.  And then of course we have Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and then Easter.  Insanity, as I will be attending all of those (I've volunteered to pick up those who don't drive).  I love Easter even more than Christmas, but with it being just me I thought it'd be calm.  Luckily I won't be cooking a whole meal....I'm attending a friend's Easter get together.

So, that's life in a nutshell right now.  Counting down the days until G returns and can help take care of some of the madness.  I know they sure do ask about him every time I see anyone from church!

*Oh, and speaking of church....I've been watching the new Showtime series The Borgias about a corrupt pope from the 15th century.  I love Jeremy Irons, and he is playing the cardinal who buys the seat of the Pope.  Of course it's a dramatized version, and of course people will use a situation that was over 500 years ago to talk about the Catholic church.  But I think it's a fascinating picture, not really of the church, but of Italy in general at that time period.  It was a time of both extreme beauty in the arts as well as ridiculous amounts of corruption in every level of government.  


  1. I've never been to the Sedar dinner thing but our church has a dinner for it to. Won't be going as we're spending it with family. Do tell me how it goes:) When Bruce was here the last three weeks without me everyone at church asked him about me. He's just so happy that I'm here. I love Christmas time more as I didn't celebrate Easter growing up. But sure do love the signifance of it now. Have a great week!

  2. That is wonderful news about the cyst!

  3. I'm so glad you got the clean bill of health! I'm sure it has been weighing so heavily on your mind!

    And, I love those days were you stay busy by doing those little but productive things.

    Happy Easter Season! Oh, I'll have to email you this amazing recipe I have for a tomato tart that is perfect for Easter!