Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lord Have Mercy

I've been invited to join friends at their church today.  I'm a little nervous.  I hope I come across as friendly but non-convertible.  Because I'm really quite happy as a Catholic.  *phew* I suppose we'll see.

But the fun part is, there is going to be a lunch afterwards.  Three words:  Church lady food.  Nothing like it, it's the most fun part of church sometimes.  It's true.  Amazing, usually unhealthy, but delicious.  It's the entire reason I visit my parents' church when I'm home!

I have no idea how long this day will be.  I've been told by one friend who attends the same denomination but another church, "If it's a black church it can last a while."  Not really sure what that means, but it might explain why on Sundays there is never any parking on my street all day long

So I'm prettifying myself, wearing a dress and some wedges and applying a touch of make-up (something I have avoided like the plague this week).  I'm exhausted and hoping it doesn't last too, too long....because there is nothing more rude than a visitor falling asleep in the pew!


  1. Church lady food. How funny! And so true. Not only that, the ladies at my church usually can't stop with bringing one dish, so there's always a ton of food, too. I think it's fun to visit other churches. Bess

  2. Ahhh, i know exactly what your friend means with that quote and trust me, it's true! When i go to church at home, i'm there for at least 5 hours and my Mum thinks it's normal. She doesn't understand why i want to go to a church that lasts a maximum of 2 hours

    xoxo Hermine