Friday, April 8, 2011

Fed Up With The Feds

Currently I am a little peeved at our Congress.  Arguing over federal funding to the extent that my husband is essentially working for free today, and knowing that if they don't get it together his paycheck will be late, is incredibly frustrating.  (Keep in mind, Congress is still getting paid.)  And what are they fighting over?  Well, apparently one of the things is Planned Parenthood.

I know that I have a lot of conservative friends.  I myself have many personal conservative beliefs though politically I am considered a liberal.  But it saddens me that so many of my friends are mis-informed or don't care.  Because federal funding is not given for abortions.  In fact, that would be against The Hyde Amendment.  (Federal funding has not gone towards abortions since the 1970's.) What federal funding goes towards is things like contraceptive services, sex ed, STI and HIV testing, and cervical cancer screenings.  And then I know people who would say, "But they provide abortions and should be shut down."  I disagree.  Abortions are legal and they will occur.  Shutting down a place that does do a lot of good doesn't make that go away. 

I stand behind Planned Parenthood and think it's ridiculous that we're ready to cut back funding on health care services simply because they provide a service we don't support.  Not everyone has the insurance or cash to go elsewhere.  And the fact that this is one of the big things that might make our pay late when I have my own health issues makes me want to say to our government:  grow up. 


  1. Perfectly said! Chris and I had this same discussion no more than 2 hours ago and I found myself pounding my fist on the table with each point.

    I so SO so fervently believe that Planned Parenthood is an amazing organization that provides health care to woman and is a vital part of preventing women's health issues.

    And I'm sorry for the problems this will cause y'all. It's so unfair to ask your husband (and in many ways, you) to serve your country but then not to treat him respectfully.

  2. I totally agree! If people are opposed to abortions, giving citizens low-cost access to quality family planning is a great way to make sure that unplanned pregnancies (and everything that comes with them) are avoided.

  3. Word.

    Everything you've said infuriates me as well. Lots and lots of misinformation out there, but you've laid it out straight.

    What service members and their families are constantly forced to endure and sacrifice ... there really are no words.

    I'm really hoping something happens in the next 10 hours.

  4. I am a Govt employee working for the VA. My pay/benefits will continue despite a shutdown. I do not wish to make this a political statement but if you would see the waste in VA/Govt you would cry. I believe that the private sector would do a much better job caring for our veterans even though I would lose my job.

  5. Preach it, sister!

  6. Nicely said!! I don't personally believe in abortion, but it's not my place to legislate another's morality and Planned Parenthood has helped so many people I know - and nothing to do with abortion. You are right, they need to grow up!! And that's all sides!!

  7. You are so right about Planned Parenthood. It provides a much needed service to those without insurance. My husband's cousin works there and provides well-woman care to college students and low-income women. Also, those who are opposed to abortion need to realize that the services provided by Planned Parenthood actually help prevent unplanned pregnancies and the need for abortions.