Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Needing An Update

This was me on Saturday:
My hair has no shape and no body.  Sure, it's easier to pull back and manage.  But seriously?  I need to make a hair appointment.  I think I'm skipping the bangs (since in the summer heat it's too easy for them to get all gross) and going with some long layers.  I've had to cancel 2 appointments for hair over the last 5 months and it's been driving me batty.  I think I'm calling in the morning to set something up for next week.

I also have been a lazy dresser lately.  Usually jeans and a black tee with a necklace or a pretty scarf worn as one.  So Saturday I mustered up a little bit of sense and threw on the green dress, a long beaded necklace, my black leather jacket and black boots.  My feet were killing me at the end of the day but damn if I didn't make it through a lunch at the local Chinese restaurant, tramping around IKEA and searching through Good Will for any finds.  It was the first time I wore anything but flats in forever and I think my foot was both relieved to be in something pretty, but exhausted by the end of it.

I really need to organize my closet and figure out what I need to go shopping for.  This summer I will be all about dresses and cute skirts.  But I need to find some comfortable sandals to go with, since the Banana Republic ones I bought almost two years ago on super clearance (I think they were $5) kill my toes within 5 seconds.  If you've found any great comfortable sandals let me know.  I'm looking for some wedge sandals and some gladiator sandals. 

We all go through slumps.  It just takes realizing it to get out of our doldrums and do something about it.

Oh, and I've been asked about the weight loss.  Honestly it's been the simple formula of eat a more healthy rounded diet full of fruits, veggies, good proteins (not necessarily lean), whole grains, natural fats (a.k.a. not margarine or canola oil.....things like butter, olive oil, coconut oil), and plenty of water and whole milk.  I still drink upwards of 6 cups of coffee in one sitting, with sugar and cream.  And I haven't even seen the gym since G left.  It's about finding movement in your day to day....parking further away from a store, taking more stairs, going for walks with friends.  And getting more sleep helps as well!


  1. I am just coming out of a slump too. Being sick for so long called for only sweat pants but now I am having fun again, trying to work around this little bump, wondering how I will dress as it and I get bigger - i have never been pregnant all summer long, at least "big" pregnant before.
    I haven't had a hair cut since OCTOBER!


  2. hey I could have written the same exact post! My hair is long and shapeless and hasn't been cut since last August! But I made an appointment for this afternoon :) Im going to skip the bangs too and get a shoulder length cut with razored ends I think.

    Cute outfit!!

  3. I think long pretty hair like yours can go for a long time without a cut, but if you are wanting a change, there is nothing like long layers to freshen it up.

  4. Shoes: I have plantar fasciitis in both feet, so I don't screw around with pretty shoes that cause me pain. There's nothing so unchic as hobbling around in Manolos with a grimace.

    Ariat and Ecco make great sandals that are made well and don't hurt my feet. I've spent hours in them, and I can still walk at the end of the day. Last year, Ecco had really cool gladiator sandals, so you may be able to get them on ebay. The Walking Company carries these brands, as well as other "good for you" shoes.

  5. My absolute favorite comfortable sandals - Dansko Sissy and similar styles. I have literally walked 10 miles in these shoes with no blisters and a spring still in my step. Last summer I walked 5-7 miles every day alternating a couple of pairs of these, and they are still in great shape. Worth every penny.

  6. No, I urge you to get some long bangs, just to the tip of your nose. They'll frame your eyes, and if they end up feeling yucky in the humidity, just clip them back. That's basically what you're doing when they're really long anyway, by wearing a ponytail. I think soft, long, sideswept bangs are extremely flattering for almost all women. Rethink it. Frame your eyes, frame your face.

    (I myself just got home an hour ago from the salon, where I got my all-over color touched up, bangs trimmed, and got a fab blowout. It's a treat, my God, so much fun to be lavished upon, so GO! What are you waiting for, girl?)

    I set my next hair appointment (whether it's for color or cut) when I paying, before I leave the salon: six weeks for cut, seven for color. It's routine maintenance, and I never reach that point where I'm frustrated with my hair, hate it, and then can't get in for a cut for two weeks. Never happens.

    Here's my edict, learned and earned the hard way:

    A woman MUST have great hair, and she MUST be willing to spend money on it. Even if she is wearing absolutely NOTHING else, she is always wearing her gorgeous hair.

    Fabulous hair is mission critical.