Saturday, May 7, 2011

Heed My Lesson

G decided to get me a bouquet of flowers for our anniversary.  So he looked on and found a set of various red flowers in a little vase that he thought I would like.  (I love flowers, but I am not big into a bunch of red roses.)  He ordered the medium size, going off the photo of the large ones online.  What came was small, really small.  Where the photo's one side had 5 roses, this had 3 total, 3 carnations, 2 tulips that weren't even supposed to be there and the other flowers whose names I can't ever remember.  G saw it on webcam and thought it didn't look right, and after I looked up the bouquet online I realized it wasn't right.  If the medium had only 3 roses, did the small have 1?  It didn't make sense.  And to top that off, two of the roses and one of the carnations had blackened spots that the florists had faced outward.  It was pretty, but G was upset because it wasn't what he ordered. 

So he e-mailed them and a replacement was ordered.  It was supposed to arrive on Friday.  I waited at home so I could be here for the delivery, which they said would be no later than 5.  At 5:15 G called 1-800-flowers, but they couldn't get ahold of the florist (because they had closed at 5).  And while I understand so close to Mother's Day they are a little swamped, they seemed to not want to deal with him, asking him to call back when he asked to speak to a manager, refusing to put him on hold.  When he did call back he was told he would be handed to a manager....and then put on hold.  Nearly 30 minutes later, and several times of a normal customer service person answering and him having to repeat that he wanted to speak to a manager, he was finally handed to one.  Please keep in mind he had let them know that he was in Iraq and it was after midnight there.  The manager looked up the problem and G informed him that he would like a refund.  The manager started to say something about cancelling the order and G said, "No, I don't think you understand.  Your company has now jerked us around for 2 days.  I want those flowers still ordered and I want a refund for this mess."  The manager didn't hesitate at all, agreed to that, and said that the flowers would be there today, that they would call the florist tomorrow and then call my cell to tell me what time. 
The flowers did arrive today.  They did not call the florist, nor me, in fact G had to call them because it was once again getting late and they hadn't arrived (they didn't come until after 5:30).  However, I will say that the flowers that arrived look much nicer.  Six roses, 4 carnations, no tulips, and lots more greenery mixed in with the other flowers.  One of the other flowers was completely dead, and shriveled up dry, and whether that was purposely done by the florist or not, I don't know.  I wish we knew the name of the florist because we would never be using them, but 1-800-flowers says that is a matter of privacy and wouldn't give us the information and the delivery guy was just driving an SUV. 

My warning is to not use 1-800-flowers.  Speaking to another friend, her husband ordered her flowers while she was away one time....that arrived 2 days late.  And they had a friend who ordered his mother a teacup of flowers.....but when it arrived it was like a thrift store mug and the flowers weren't the right ones, they were cheaper.  I will say the orchids my best friend had delivered straight from the company for a Mother's Day surprise for me are beautiful and exactly what she ordered.  I think their problem lies with their communication and contracts with their florists.  I think they wanted to grow bigger, and as G said, "apparently any florist is good enough for a contract" after we heard other horror stories.  For example, if you're curious, check their twitter.  All of their posts are in response to complaints and trying to get them dealt with.  We were only one of many.  Save your money and call a florist direct.  With reviews online these days it's easy to find one that will do a great job.


  1. I agree that you should make the long distance call and deal directly with a "local" florist to make the boquet and delivery. I think I get the best value and I know that the flowers will be delivered and not left outside when the weather is snowing or too hot for the flowers. The florist in Columbia, Missouri calls to make delivery appointments and that way I know my sister's flowers will get there when they need to. I also have started sending a photo of the flowers I receive in th ethank you card. That way, the purchaser can see if I received what they thought they were paying for. Most of my friend send photos of the flowers to the senders as good policy.


  2. Good locally owned florists and jewelers are the best businesses to patronize.

    I use Cactus Flower Florists here in Phoenix, and they do amazing arrangements. I think they are reasonably priced compared to the national businesses, and they often have discounts too.

  3. omg we had the same problems with 1800 flowers too last year, i ordered two big things of roses for our moms and spent a 100$ on both together and they never came i was a hot mess i will never deal with them again

  4. I have had soooo many problems with 1800 flowers. I would never use them!! Now I just google the word florist with the name off the town of my recipient and go from there. I have never had a problem.

  5. PS. Happy Mother's Day! I think that you are amazing for all that you and your husband are doing for our country. Ip am humbled by your constant grace under pressure.

  6. Happy Mother's Day, Kalee!

    I hate delivered flowers for these reasons. I much prefer someone go get flowers and deliver them, which is unrealistic if they live far away! When my husband has wanted to get me flowers, we go to the florist together and get them. It's just easier.

  7. I think it's outrageous that G had to call and be kept on hold for so long even though they knew he was calling from Iraq! That's shameful!

    I've been lucky. I used the internet to find a florist in the town near my Mum in England and I phone them directly to order flowers. Mum always says that it's a beautiful bouquet and she is really pleased with them each time. Now when I call the florist I say "Hi this is Jackie from Canada" and she knows what I'm ordering and where they are going! ;o) I also stopped in there to meet her on one of my trips home. If G can find a local florist and use them regularly and develop a relationship with them, I think that would work well for him.


  8. I'm glad they fixed your order. Total bullshit that G had to call from Iraq so many times.

    We weren't as lucky when they messed up our order nor was my friend. His mom really liked the flowers but when you pay that much for something, you expect it to be right. We never did find out the florists either. 1-800-flowers wouldn't give us that info. Annoying.