Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

So, I married a man who more and more reminds me of my father.  They have similar temperaments.  They both have super comfy laps.  And they both amuse me to no end.  I really don't mind, because I always felt like I had the best dad, and I've noticed that the qualities that made me feel so lucky are ones my husband also has.

G is patient.  I can't see him getting annoyed with the noise of children, or even the occasional messes.  In fact, if anything, he'll be right there in the middle of the noise and the mess!  He's been dreaming for a long time of a child to read to, so that box is checked off.  He's proved to be quite good with amusing babies and toddlers (thanks to fun times with the niece), so I'm not really concerned with leaving him alone with a baby, though he hasn't much experience.  He's playful and kind and loving, qualities I admire in my father as well.

He's also stern when need be.  He'll definitely be that "Just wait til I tell your father about this." sort.  But he's fair and not quick to temper, so the punishments will fit the crime.  And the best quality of all is his determination to do this right, to be a great father, the kind a son wants to follow in the footsteps of, and the kind a daughter uses as a measure for the men in her life.

Most men I've known aren't quite as excited as the women about a baby.  G is.  In fact, he's sort of enthralled with this whole thing.  We laugh as I show him the ducky hooded towel I bought... while displaying it on my head.  We discuss how he's going to have plenty of making up to do once he's home so that this child knows his voice as well as mine.  And quite frankly I've never known a man so excited at the idea of be active in the birth.  Before his 28th birthday I get to give him the one thing he's been wanting for a long while.  Today is his first father's day, but in no time at all I get to make him a Daddy.  And I can't imagine anyone better suited for this job.

Happy Father's Day, Love.  I am a lucky girl indeed to have you playing that role.

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