Friday, June 24, 2011

I Thought I'd Seen It All...

Pancakes in a can?  I mean, seriously.  I've debated with people over using boxed mixes before (because whipping up some from scratch takes all of 5 minutes), but this surely takes the cake!  I would never have even heard of this except a woman at Whole Foods with 2 little girls with her was talking about getting some tonight with them.  I overheard it as I was getting milk and loose pecans.  I literally whipped my head around, kind of shocked. 

I've heard they taste pretty good (from reading reviews online) but I seriously want to smack the laziness out of people.  I mean, c'mon.  I can whip up a huge batch of pancakes and freeze them in 30-45 minutes, having plenty for days I might not have the time (same works for waffles...just re-heat them in the toaster to get that crispiness).  With ingredients like sodium lactate to prevent spoilage, soybean powder, and rice bran extract they don't sound like anything I'd whip up for my family.

Please, oh please tell me people aren't really buying this!


  1. Pancakes. In a can. That is disgusting.

    Side note: I miss you! And I'm sorry for not calling after getting back from dad's. There was a brief moment where I thought I was heading in to work. I'll try to call tomorrow sometime.

    <3 T

  2. They're marketed as a low-fat, healthy choice for pancake lovers. My sister-in-law, the queen of all packaged foods to feed to her three hyper children, will (I'm sure) be stocking up on these cans of pancake evil.

    There was an event in Austin last week to showcase this invention. Just awful.