Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In A Good Place

Today was the sonogram (twitter updates are the quickest way to find any info... basically the escargot wanted nothing to do with having their photo taken of their privates).  We tried for an hour to get them to move a bit, but other than occasionally batting or kicking at us, no dice.  I'm headed back in the early morn armed with OJ and a lecture for Baby S.

This evening I headed to Carma's Cafe for dinner and to meet up with my knitting group.  The baby blanket it nearly done, I am planning to put a border on it to expand it's width a bit, and then it'll be finished.  I actually have enough yarn to make another one, but plan to return it (an unopened skein) for a different color.  My knitting group is extremely fun, a diverse group of us whose company I just really have enjoyed these couple of weeks.

After I headed straight to the baby store to pick up a special cloth diaper detergent to start dealing with prepping those to put away.  The woman working tonight is one I had met this weekend, and we stood around talking for 40 minutes past the time the store was supposed to close!  I love that I'm meeting like-minded mamas who really seem supportive. 

Sonograms and appointments and trying to schedule a tour of the birthing center, it's all just incredibly busy but I love it.  The next 5 months are going to fly by, and then the wee one will be here.  So I'm in no hurry, I'm enjoying the minutes of each day.  And today was a good bunch of minutes.

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