Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Musings

Because it's Monday and I kind of like Mondays.

* Had the best light early dinner: A BALT at Carma's Cafe.  Bacon, Avocado (with sour cream), Lettuce and Tomato in a sundried tomato wrap.  That, coupled with a cup of their gazpacho was perfect on this sunny but mild temp. day.

* Yes, Mr. Dentist I realize it's shocking that I'm nearly halfway through my pregnancy and on a normal day you can't tell I'm even pregnant.  I'm aware.  Something to do with a long torso and no appetite.  But believe me, yesterday in a swimsuit I had the belly for sure!

* I am in LOVE with Adele's song Rolling In The Deep.  If you're in Charm City and you hear a car thumping with this, it's probably me.  I turn the radio up to a shocking level and car dance. 

* Birthday thing tonight.  Complicated because things are a bit tense with everyone.

* My dachshund got (somewhat literally) thrown into the bathtub at 4:30 this morning when I was trying to get to bed.  She's so fluffy that I hadn't realized until she was soaking wet that my plan has worked and she's back to a healthy size.  Now to get her hair shaved off (which at this point might be my doing because it's $60 at the groomers for a 10 lb. dog which is just a wee bit ridiculous... and she's irritated me, so she might as well look a fool.)

* Best Friend is coming on Friday and I am super excited to have some girl time!

* Weather is great, life is great, and G's home in less than 3 months.  So far, I've kicked this deployment's ass.  True story.


  1. Get Adele's album, you'll love the whole thing! I listen to it pretty much all day every day.

  2. Love the song--can't wait to hear more! Thanks for this!

  3. I just read this post and it totally made my day. I have managed to kill my computer and lose my keys all today so reading some of your thoughts was just what I needed!