Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My T is Coming, My T Is Coming!

Alert the media, because we two gals are about to descend upon Charm City.  Because we're wild like that.  (Or not.)

I'm in a mad rush to get the house more tidy.  The good news is that we're pj partying it up in the salon (a.k.a. the living room), so no guest bedroom to make up, though I will be making some thoughtful touches here and there.  She's only here for a couple nights but I'm like as excited as a kid getting a new puppy!

Friday will be pretty chill, lunch out, maybe a bar for the bocce awards, and then girl time with dessert at home.  Saturday we have the farmers market and coffee out and then attacking my jungle of a backyard (which she so graciously has agreed to help me with, like building the push non-electric mower.), with me doing dinner Saturday night.  Sadly she leaves on Sunday, but I'm planning to milk this as long as I can.

I've tried convincing her to move out here, sadly this has been unsuccessful so far.  But I'll keep trying.  Life really is better when I have her around!

So forgive me for being a bit absent, I've been slowly getting the house ready (taking frequent breaks for naps), and haven't had much time to think of things to chat about.  Hopefully I'll have some great pics soon, as summer is really turning out to be beautiful.

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