Monday, July 18, 2011

10 Hours

I slept off and on for about 10 hours today... and would still like a nap.  I am going to go ahead and assume this escargot is going through a growth spurt and sucking the life out of me.  Going to roast a few chicken breasts in a bit so that maybe that will give me a boost. Three chicken breasts equals 6 portions for me because they're so big! I don't understand why they're so big, and I think I'd prefer smaller chickens. 

I say I slept off and on, because while the baby swimsuit arrived yesterday:
Today, between UPS and our mail woman the 3 dresses I ordered for her off ebay arrived.  I'm loving the sunny yellow with grey!
And a chambray one.
They all have little bloomers with them and were new with tags, just need to be washed and hung up!

And really, what would keep me up?  There was a bang outside this morning which surged the power and blew my internet out.  The moron from verizon tech support (who, no offense to any readers who might be from there but he was a slow Minnesota guy... I kept waiting for him to say, "Yeah you betcha."), couldn't seem to figure it out, kept pausing to the point that I had to keep prompting him, and I'm going to remember the simple thing he had me do that finally worked because I feel like we should have tried that from the beginning (or at least the other tech guys always seem to). 

But, now I'm up an running and thinking I'll take a nap while the chicken cooks.  Perfect! 


  1. Oh they are so adorable, Kalee!! Love them all!

    Goodness, I've been feeling fatigued enough to think I'm pregnant. SERIOUSLY. I think I need to take some vitamins, drink more water, and maybe start walking regularly or something. Cuz I know I'm not pregnant!
    Miss you!

  2. Love, love the clothes...I like the yellow and gray one too. I especially like the ruffled swimsuit!

    I can hardly wait for this little girl to make her appearance!

    See you soon.

  3. I love the yellow!! Alayna just cant pull off yellow, it drains her of color so its really neat to see these!

    and that swimsuit!!! oh my goodness it is adorable!!!

  4. cute stuff! She's going to be one stylish baby, just like her Mom :)

    I wonder if that yellow and grey dress comes in my size...

  5. Crystal, that's my favorite! I really wish it came in my size as a tunic!

  6. So adorable!!

    My husband's family is Minnesotan. There are quite a few "ja, ya betcha"'s at family get togethers. One relative actually says, "Uff da!"

  7. Those are so darling!

  8. Cute clothes! Addie has the big girl version of the gray polka dot dress. Can't wait to see you at the shower!