Monday, July 11, 2011

Christmas In July

I am totally wishing that my house looked like this and this right about now.  I love Christmastime, it's a magical part of the year and my husband and I get really into it with the baking and the Christmas Carols, and I think he might even be running in the figgy pudding race that Charm City has every year this year!  My lovely friend Jen is just as into Christmas so we've been talking and planning things already.

I know that this year is going to be a mad house with the new baby, but part of what G and I are looking forward to is nights spent cuddling in front of the glow of the Christmas tree.  In order to make this happen, I am beginning Christmas in July! 

I'm beginning to make up lists and write out what will need to be baked, how much ingredients I'll need on hand (because G will be in charge of doing most of the grocery shopping while I'm home with a newborn), and what gifts I'd like to get/make for people.  By writing up the lists now, I can begin working on getting it all together.  I got some amazing feather ribbon last year from Target on clearance that I'm using to make a wreath, and I'd like to work on gathering supplies to fill glass Christmas ornaments now.  Thanks to crafting sites, I'm saving a lot of things to make now, so it will be done and boxed up and ready to decorate come Thanksgiving (where I will be resting on the sofa directing!). 

I absolutely need to figure out how to make a tree skirt big enough for our new tree.  We've discussed just using white linen swathed about it, or even a nice dark velvet sewn with a white border.  Should be simple enough, right?  I'm trying to learn to sew, and things like that and table runners and such should be easy beginner projects (though I may be insane and sew the skirt by hand since it's so large and round!)

Do you begin Christmas early?  Any special crafts you want to take on this year?


  1. Christmas really is a magical time of year. I plan to make more hand made gifts this year. As for the rest, I've pretty much have a well established routine: I make a budget and a gift plan mid October, everything needs to be bought by the end of November and I save the actual gift wrapping and house decorating for the second and third week of December, it really adds to the atmosphere to have the house full of ribbons, wrapping paper and glass baubles.

  2. We celebrate Channukah and a toned-down Christmas, both of which require simple decor. I'm more into the food aspects of the holidays, and I'm impressed that you're making grocery shopping lists now!

    We're in a new city and are keeping our holiday plans open with respect to holiday meals. I'm itching to draw up a Thanksgiving menu, though. Summer always makes me wistful for Fall.