Monday, July 25, 2011

Don't Buy The Cuteness

Having had a lot on my mind, I've been up for nearly 24 hours (with an hour and a half nap in there late last night).  Insanity.  I'd like to sleep, but at this point it isn't happening and I'm blaming 3 people:

Audrey, Sophie, and Max. (yes, technically not people, but not a single one of them seems to realize that.)
These are not innocent faces, no matter how much they try to convince you otherwise. Notice ballsy Max staring the camera down.  He had been pretending to sleep seconds before.
Audrey has decided that anytime she can possibly do so she hops up on the sofa at me like I won't notice her tiny little body leaping at my face.  When I tell her to get down she stares at me and ignores me.  It escalates until I'm halfway up the stairs to the restroom and I use her middle name in my mama voice and suddenly she realizes that if she's still there when I come down she's in super trouble.  Better to get down and then attempt the same thing half an hour later.

Sophie continually keeps putting her head on my ribs or belly, no matter how many lectures she's gotten about a baby being in there.  I'm pretty sure this baby is one day going to haul off and kick her head when she does it.  When not flopping her head down on me (and usually the laptop as well), she's bringing me her gross toy to throw, and getting beat up by Max (literally... he grabbed her head tonight and began twisting in some sick sibling game I don't understand). 

And Max... hmm.  Max is co-dependent, an odd cat.  He does not like me to go anywhere without him, even if I have to use the restroom. (which, hello, I'm pregnant, so this happens a lot.)  He chases me up the stairs, disappears (though I can hear his little kitty breathing in the dark), and then either bounds after me as I go down or tries to kill me by lying across a step I can't see in the dark.  Jerk.

All of this coupled with the fact that as I was changing into pjs I got a good look at my belly, and thought, "Damn."  From the front I haven't put anything (weight wise) on my hips, or waist, so it's this sort of odd thing to kind of see the 3-d with my belly protruding.  Almost like a mullet... normal in the front, party from the side.  She's been super active all day long, including enough that G got to see my belly bounce up while on Skype.  Active baby means mama has a hard time concentrating on forcing herself to sleep.  She's not even out in the real world and she's already distracting me!

So, random post, slightly insane, but it what it is.

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  1. Your cat's been converted into a labrador. Bad kitty! Doesn't he know he's regressing into a different life form? Or...maybe he's training you to be a mother with a toddler following your every move - including into the bathroom.

    Smart kitty!