Monday, August 1, 2011

Amish Countryside

This is the farm where we got our eggs!
Saturday my friend J and I took off to the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania.  It's about an hour and a half from Baltimore, so a quick trip. 
 We stopped at a market, bought some jams (I picked up raspberry jalapeno for G), ate lunch at a Victorian pub, and then headed over to Leola to visit her mama and look around for some local stands.
My reuben. I got the side of fruit which was scrumptious and they brought us extra pickles and pineapple!
We ended up getting a dozen brown, pastured eggs for $1.75 each.  Insanity!  Mine are awesome, with some larger, some much smaller.  Can't wait to make a quiche! 
J and I split this spiced whoopie pie we bought at the hardware store for $.90. Made by someone's daughter it was delicious!
The trip was awesome and I can't wait to go again in September when G is home!
Yes, G, fresh goat milk.  We'll bring a cooler.


  1. I've visited the Lancaster PA area and I loved it! The beautiful white farms, the neat gardens, and all the little roads to explore. Then there are the crafts and quilts and the home cooked food. We took an Amish buggy ride and I remember that when we were riding down the road, instead of whizzing past the countryside, you could see the individual stalks of corn in the field. I'd love to go back there again!


  2. Lovely! Oh I would love to see looks so wonderful and peaceful and the complete opposite of England ;)
    Also: YUM to all the foodstuffs. YUM!

  3. Jacqui, it really was lovely!

    Rachel, I had to laugh, because it reminded me so much of the open countryside of where we lived in England!

  4. You had me at reuben.

    And then you had me at $1.75 eggs.

    I just picked up my organic eggs today, and there is a crustless, spinach quiche on the docket for Wednesday. I love eggs; they are the perfect food.