Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stress Cleaning

I clean when I'm stressed.   This can be good or bad stress.  Just anytime I need to kind of quiet my mind and calm my nerves I clean, tidy, etc.  With G coming home sooner than I can imagine and some other stressors I've been cleaning more lately.  Today's list includes:

* Sweeping the stairs
* Bathing/Grooming the dogs
* Bathing the cat (which is in itself stressful as he is the devil incarnate when he's being bathed... he takes it, but it takes a firm hand to not have a soaking wet cat streaking through my house!)
* Dishes, dishes, and more dishes (okay, not that many, but still)
* Laundry

And in addition to cleaning I also have salsa to make (both red and tomatillo), tomatoes to get canning supplies for, banana bread to make, regular bread to make, and candle wax to melt down into a new candle (though that can wait until later this week). 

It's beautiful out today, breezy, sunny without being stifling, and because of life I'm not really appreciating it. 

Do you clean when you're stressed or upset?  Or do you have any other particularly zen inducing things you do?


  1. I am totally like you in cleaning when stressed - and particularly when I am angry. I also did more cleaning that normal after my MIL passed away.

  2. I definitely clean when I'm stressed and I also get SUPER in to organizing and purging stuff. My apartment is never so clean as it was during finals time!

  3. I do my best cleaning when angry or stressed.

  4. Im just like you too when I get stressed, love your blog by the way xx