Saturday, August 13, 2011

Coffee With G

Today I'm talking on skype with G, our daily afternoon (his night) chat.  My sleep was whoa messed up because of needing to get up for things early the past couple days, so I decided that in order to not fall asleep on G, I needed coffee.  Coffee or tea with G is a goodness.  And even though he's on skype it's nice to sit at the dining table and use my china and enjoy a couple (okay a few several) cups of coffee while talking to him like he's here already.

I know that some people don't drink as much caffeine, but for me, I don't think I could ever give up coffee and tea.  First, I'm Irish and therefore convinced that tea is the cure to everything (along with a nice meal... we feed your feelings both good and bad).  And second, because sitting down with a hot drink and a friend is a comfort and time to connect.  I enjoy drinking these on my own, curled up with a good book, but will always prefer sitting with my husband or a friend. 

I'm hoping to make a weekly tea part of a hospitality ritual with close friends.  A thing we do to catch up on a Saturday morning.  Do you have a regular coffee/tea get together?

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  1. The majority of my DNA is english/welsh/scottish/irish, so I, too, subscribe to the philosophy that a pot of (proper) tea and a little something to eat, combined with a comfy chat, can cure alot of hurt.

    When it's cooler, my husband I will have a daily tea involving a pot of Earl Grey and a little something to eat for him. But for now, he has his daily afternoon iced tea and I have my daily morning coffee made in my French Press.