Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well, that is currently what my dining room looks like.  I was finishing typing up some things last night when I looked up from the computer and noticed my white table cloth had a large brown circle on it.  I knew immediately it wasn't a good sign as we had only made it through 1 round of the 3-4 days of rain we're supposed to be getting.  I grabbed the tablecloth off the table, realized it wasn't dripping any more, threw the tablecloth in the sink with hot water and bleach (the tablecloth is one of my vintage/antique ones from my grandmama), and called G, waking him. 

Thus has begun the nightmare.  Two roof leaks, the dining room and the master bath.  And I'm pissed.  The bathroom leak was one that happened originally when we first moved in nearly 2 years ago.  Whatever he did to fix it didn't even make it 2 years.  The dining room happened last summer, so it lasted a year.  Two roof leaks that have been fixed before, and a roofer who can't come out while it's still raining.  All with less than a month to go before G comes home. 

So I put a bowl on the table, and this morning as I lie on the sofa listening to the pounding echoing rain (it was louder than anything I've ever heard), I knew that the bowl would be useful.  The bathroom I can only lie a towel down as it drips.  The only good thing I can think is that because of the spot in the bathroom's location, the chance for lasting water damage is unlikely (it's at the end of a sloped roof). 

Rainy days are not something I like.  G's called the roofer (who we've discovered is in a heavy metal band)... apparently he had a long night because his phone is off and going straight to voicemail.  I've put a towel down on the table to help with splatter damage. 

I want to curl up and cry, but that's not really an option as the only adult in the house.  Ugh.  Missed mass this morning because of being up so late dealing with this.  And to save my sanity I'm meeting a friend for lunch.  I keep telling myself that this too shall pass, but I'm finding it hard to believe today.


  1. How about using a larger plastic trash the water won't splatter. Also the roofer CAN come out and put a tarp on the roof until the rain stops and it can be fixed. Perhaps someone from your church can help you....just some thoughts. Also, you can send the rain our way our lawn is "California Golden".


  2. Oh I know how you feel. Last summer, with both DH and I unemployed, I walked into the kitchen to a wet floor, but it was the drip on my head as I cleaned it up that made me realize we had a serious problem. Unfortunately it's not one that we can put off because of the potential for damage to the roof structure.

    By the way, the roofer I called came in the rain and put a tarp over the offending part of the roof until he could come back later to properly look at it.

    I know it's not exactly what you want to have to deal with right now. At least you have contact with G while he's away to discuss it with him.

    Good luck in getting this sorted out.


  3. This sucks. And it's okay to sit in the middle of the floor and cry and cuss. Get it out there. The grown-up in you will eventually dry your tears and propel you to action.

    I'd get the roofer out there with a tarp; explain that you're pregnant and your husband is deployed. Work your circumstances.