Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Habitual Hospitality

Image from one of our times at Emily's Tea Room, Mildenhall, Suffolk, UK
In order to get used to entertaining more, and allowing myself to relax, I've spent time speaking with G about hospitality.  I'd like to get to a point where I invite friends over more rather than going out.  It's not really a natural ability of mine to relax and just let the house be, but it's something I'm working on.

In order to get better, it's going to take making hospitality a habit.  So I'm setting goals to aim for in order to get to a place where it's normal.  A few of my goals are:

* Have a friend over for coffee/tea once a week.
* Have friends over for dinner once a month. 
* Keep things for a quick get together on hand (cheese and crackers, a cake, coffee stuff, etc)

I'm hoping at some point to make other Christian homemaker friends who can be invited over (with their children if they have them).  It would be nice to continue making friends with women who share similar philosophies about life.  And what better time to get to know someone than over a pot of tea?

How do you prepare yourself and your home for welcoming friends in?


  1. I think those are lovely plans! Like the pretty photo, too. I do think it would be wonderful to have a friend(s) over every week, as you suggest. Bess

  2. Oh I am interested in this too! It's hard, with working full time I don't get chance to do it as much as I'd like...plus somehow it is a bit scary inviting someone round isntead of going out somewhere neutral for coffee...or is that just me? Ha! Comfort zones...
    Good luck :) xx

  3. What fantastic goals; I'm adopting them as part of my plan to make friends in my newly adopted home town.

    Along with cheese and crackers, I would be prepared with fruit and nuts; there's a wide variety of allergies out there, and as a hostess you will want to be prepared to offer a gluten- or dairy-free option.

    As for cakes, can you make mini-cakes and freeze them? Or pound cake or zucchini bread?

  4. I've been forcing myself to do this lately and have to say it's well worth it. I feel so much more enriched socializing face to face in my home. You are a natural entertainer Kate. I for one would love to be able to sprint over for a spot of tea. :)

    One little trick I use with my house is to always assume someone could drop by without notice. I clean differently when I have that company is coming attitude.