Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Babies

The last couple weeks I've been home more, and you can tell a definite change in the pups attitudes.  They've been more well behaved, but also more demanding.  They definitely do the whole "the more they get the more they want" when it comes to attention.  I don't mind.  We've been spending some naps all 3 of us curled up on the sofa (usually with Audrey on a pillow near my tummy, and Sophie curled up behind my knees).  They've come so far as to losing some of their jealousy, and it's cute to watch them play together and curl up together.  Usually the furthest apart they sleep is a foot, and generally looks more like this:
I worry how they're going to handle a new baby.  Sophie has never been around a newborn, only toddlers.  And though Audrey apparently did stellar with my niece, as my mother pointed out, it wasn't her mama's attention being diverted.  Audrey is definitely my wants to be on my lap all the time getting kisses pup, and Sophie prefers my lap as well.  (Yes, the lab likes to sit on my lap... she thinks she's smaller than she is!)  I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, but for example, here she was a year ago on G:
So I'm reading what I can about how to adjust them to a baby.  They'll enjoy it once she's older, as they love sitting beneath a highchair hoping something drops, but the adjustment period might take a while.  It's going to be hard to make it clear there is no jumping up on me, something that we constantly work on with Sophie, but she's a dog who can't even stay lying down any longer than it takes to get the treat before she has to pop back up, tail wagging enough to knock everything off the coffee table.  She's definitely been my baby trainer, as she will probably always be a puppy.  We're also working on learning to not run down the stairs, and to instead walk beside me (so I don't get tripped up).  Surprisingly she's really good at this one. 

Have any of my lovely readers had to adjust to a new baby with animals?  Any tips?  We'll be making sure to give them plenty of love and allowing them to smell her, but I welcome any other advice!


  1. you know i was worried too about eve but what we did was when we first got home from the hospital we left him in the car seat and set him on the floor and let eve just go for it and smell him up. After that he was her's she did so good with him and she still does she thinks she is the mommy :)

  2. When I was a baby, my parents' golden retriever - who was trained to do field trials and would hunt with my dad - used to come get them if he noticed I was fussy in my crib. My mom said that dog was the best nanny and was in no way jealous of the attention I commanded. He liked to sleep near my crib and would lick me alot (my dad thought this was great fun and often referred to me as the golden retriever puppy; my mother was horrified, but what are ya gonna do...).

    My in-laws young black lab is much more calm when our young niece (3 yrs) is around. She instinctively knows not to horse around with little kids, even though she can be terror around adults.

    You have two calm breeds, and your attitude will be the primary factor in their not only accepting the new family member, but relishing it.

  3. We've been concerned w/ Hiro adjusting to baby girl when we bring her home too! Mr. FC will bring home something w/ her scent from the hospital for him to sniff but from there we're a little nervous. He's so docile & mellow but there have been times where rowdy kids make him agitated.

    Some of our parent/dog owning friends have suggested associating baby girl w/ walks or something good so that Hiro will accept her. Crossing my fingers that this will work.

    Let me know if you have any other advice!!