Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Hug Friday

With the countdown ticking ticking until he is once again home I've realized that what I've missed the most these past 6 months is touch.  Sure, I hug friends, but the day to day existence of staying to myself has worn on me. 

G and I are touchers.  The hand on the back in a room. The pinkies linked with our hands on the pews as we sing in church.  The head on the chest or the spooning.  And constant hugs.  That man hugs more than anyone else I know.  These things I miss with a ferocity that overwhelms.

And I'm looking forward to new touches.  His hand on my belly. His hand gripping mine as I attempt to break it as I break.  The gentleness as he cradles our daughter in his arms, the three of us curled up together.

Some feel that the song Hallelujah is done too much.  I love it every time I hear it done well.  I've spent the morning listening to different artists on youtube sing it.  Hallelujah and Amazing Grace are 2 songs (and even phrases in songs) that I could listen to again and again.  This video I've seen before, but looked it up today as it felt apt.  Touch is so important.  Hugs are a love language everyone understands.  The need to connect, even briefly, is what makes us human. 


  1. I think that is one of the most beautiful songs ever done. Is it over done?? well no! not in my opinion. One of my fav versions was 2 years ago on american idol. lee dewise. LOVED his performance!!

    He will be home soon and like you said, not only will there be the warm touches you are used to but the new ones associated with a baby. I'm very happy for you that he will be home soon and he wont have to miss you delivering.

  2. I loved this video so much that I posted it on my blog! Thank you for sharing! It's such a fun video...

    ...but as a girl who is single more than in a relationship, I definitely feel the need for touch sometimes... Even for an independent woman, I agree it is so important.


  3. This video made me teared up. I'm not a touchy kind of person but husband is so I make sure that I make him feel loved by doing so.

  4. Thank you for this post...and thank you for the unexpected surprise of posting a video from a place near my funny.
    I have been reading your blog on and off for years, found you through the French Chic group (I think), so this was kind of weird.