Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunshine Found

Today is a gloriously pretty day.  Blue skies, not too hot or humid.  J and I headed to the farmer's market today.  I picked up some itsy bitsy tomatoes for salads, two heads of red leaf lettuce, 4 medium round red tomatoes perfect to make sandwiches to go with the bread I'm baking tonight, 2 containers of red skinned potatoes, and 2 large bunches of purple basil which will be getting made into purple pesto.  I'm planning on having G make me that pesto pasta a lot, can you tell?  I also picked up a 9th item (I usually get my allotted 8) because I was told to.  I'm guessing that they had an abundance of cantaloupe, so I was told to take one as a 9th item.  And really, who's going to turn down ripe, local, organic cantaloupe?  I'll freeze more melon balls for G! 

Then we ran some errands, and I stopped into Trader Joe to pick up 5 things of butter (I was down to a pat which is considered catastrophic), some raspberries, and a flatbread for my lunch and dinner.  I picked the wild mushroom with black truffles and mozzarella and it's delicious as usual.  I'll eat the other half for dinner with a salad.  And I also picked up these:

I love hydrangea.  Some day I want a backyard filled with hydrangea, peonies, hyacinth, tulips, and English garden roses.  I bought this tea pot from a thrift store last year specifically as a vase (it doesn't have a lid, otherwise it'd be used as a teapot, it's gorgeous!).  It's from American occupied Germany (so it's old) and it's just the perfect centerpiece with these flowers.  I needed something to just make me smile.

I'm off for a nap and then onto baking bread, making a spice cake, and making more tomato paste.  Should be a delightful evening!


  1. yum! all of that yummy food you talked about is making me hungry! I'm curious about the purple basil and pesto...does it taste the same as regular pesto? I'm not sure I've ever seen purple basil at the markets here...

    Countdown is on til your hubby comes home! I'm excited for you!

  2. This is why I'd let you cook for me in real life (hee-hee)! I love that you buy mostly local/minimally processed ingredients. It's nice to be able to still recognize the stuff that goes into a dish.

    I'm serious, you can cook for me anytime. Ha! We can chat & our baby girl bellies can hang out too. =]

    Beautiful vase & hydrangeas are my favorite right up there w/ peonies!