Saturday, August 6, 2011

Keeping Busy As The Countdown Begins

I think the nesting might be starting to set in.  I was doing dishes for 2 hours last night while watching The Proposal.  (It took so long because it was things like cookie sheets, which in my sink take a bit of manuevering, and a heavy cast iron coq au vin pot.) 

And then today I was off like a madwoman, going to the market for veggies.  Then I came home and whipped up a batch of banana bread.  Later I  went to pick up some diapers from craigslist.

Then I came home and without resting have been in the kitchen for the last 4 hours.  I made salsa and froze it.  I cooked ears of corn, chopped it off, and froze it into different portion sizes.  I blanched and froze green beans.  And I shelled peas and froze them.  I'm currently working on pesto to freeze for the pasta G has promised to make once he's home. 

Tonight's dinner is a quiche, I'm thinking of making 2 so that I can freeze one for later (I have a lot of eggs).  I also have a french baguette that needs to be made into croutons.  And tomatillos that I think I've decided to freeze whole.  And finally, winding down the evening I'll be oven roasting plum tomatoes to freeze for later use on sandwiches and in pasta.

Tomorrow it's off to pick up some new jars and can the rest of the tomatoes, make zucchini bread, gooseberry jam, and clotted cream.  All of this is while cleaning and doing laundry, so I'm sure I'll be exhausted by tomorrow night and sleep very well.  The clotted cream is for tea on Monday, where I'll finally be able to just sit and relax with a friend. 

I don't mind the nesting... it means I'm going to sleep well! 


  1. Wow, I'm impressed.
    You are truly talented and make the art of homemaking a thing of beauty.

    Take care,

    Ruth in LA
    Striving for chic

  2. Wow, you really are keeping busy!! And productive too! How do you make clotted cream?


  3. I love kitchen days like these. I get into those marathon zones after a big trip to Costco or the farmers markets, and it's pretty fun!