Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keeping Busy

Yesterday I decided to get up in the morning, head to the local coffee place and sit and enjoy coffee and a croissant (from the Patisserie downtown, they're amazing).  I walked about the neighborhood, stopping into the baby store to pick up some cloth diapers.  I dropped into this quirky place to get some violet flavored gum, and a slightly naughty card for G.  The days keep on ticking, ticking, and I feel like I'm in water just treading til he gets here.  Less than a month to go!

I then stopped at this pasta bar for lunch.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I ordered their special of the day which was a linguine with mussels, in a sauce of tomatoes, spicy peppers, white wine, and pancetta.  So, so good. 

Then I headed home to talk with G.  He tried to help me hunt down a handbag I should have bought earlier this year, and which today I'll be trying to convince an outlet to let me buy it (outlets tend to warehouse more recent merchandise for later seasons).  I've still got my Planned Purchases Database, the handbag is on it, and G is determined that I'll have it.  I'm working on a database for him, since he'll clearly be able to shop for clothes long before I will!

And then last night my neighbors brought over a Mexican sandwich for me.  My neighbor's family still lives in Mexico.  This was delicious, and perfect timing, because I was so exhausted I was debating skipping dinner and heading to bed.  I would have taken a photo, but I devoured it. 

Today I have to get ready and head on out.  Stopping by my old doctor's office to request my files because today is my first appointment at the birthing center!  It's hard for me to believe, but she'll be here in less than 3 months (or right around that).  She moves all the time, so I definitely no longer have days where I forget I'm pregnant. 

It's beautiful out and I hear coffee and a croissant perhaps calling my name.  Hope the middle of your week is just as bright.


  1. Your day sounded blissful, and all the food so delicius. Exciting times ahead for your little family!

  2. I adore when you describe a day in the life like this. It sounds perfect.