Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Intentional Living

I found this quote on pinterest (I'm sooo addicted!), and thought it was perfect.  I was just discussing on my french chic board about having to choose the way you live, every tiny decision, rather than just going through the motions and following the masses.

I feel most out of sorts when I'm simply going through the motions and doing things out of habit.  Not that habits are bad, some are very good, but life should be lived thoughtfully.  I'm extremely blessed to have a husband who recognizes the ebbs and flows and will remind me not to lose myself.  Who gently states, "Oh there Kate is" when I've found my way back from allowing too much noise to affect my life. 

Living a life of intention isn't always easy.  It takes thinking about things more carefully.  I've found with fashion I have to ask myself, "Is this something I love or is this something I've simply seen so often that I think I should love it?"  I often have to remind myself that even though I grew up with the "clean plate" rule that that doesn't work for me, and I don't have to eat a whole meal if I feel done. 

Intentional living for me is simply asking myself these questions: "Is this me?", "Do I love this?", "Does doing this make me happy?"  I've learned to be okay with the contradictions, because no person is flat without facets.  I've learned to quietly remind another that what may work for them, what they may love is their own path.

So today I'm encouraging you to be thoughtful in your day.  To ask yourself questions, from the smallest thing to the biggest.  "Do I really like eating this cereal or has it become a habit I just do?"  "Does this outfit make me smile and feel like myself or did I put it on because I just needed to wear something?"  And the harder, "Does this person bring good into my life or am I keeping the friendship out of fear of change?"

You deserve a life you've intentionally carved out. 

*And I highly recommend pinterest.  I've noticed that by my random pinnings on a fashion inspiration board, that I can clearly see a pattern with what I love.  When you're pinning things that capture you, you can't hide what makes you "you."


  1. Good thoughts Kate. I am definitely guilty of the outfit one and it does feel much better when you have the time and inclination to be true to you. Perhaps that's the reason why it is so important to choose, when life becomes busy we resort to habit. Our job is to make those good choices and habits to start with.

  2. Yes, very good post to think about. especially the outfit one too! Sorry for the short comment as my laptop is acting up, btw, I post the recipe of the cake.