Monday, August 29, 2011


My husband re-enlisted today.  Another 4 years.  I know that for some my pride is a little odd, because I do complain about the way the military treats their own.  But both G and I are quite patriotic, one of our favorite times in history was the Colonial and Revolutionary War period.  So my anger towards the military stems not from a lack of pride, but in an overabundance of it at times, and the way these men and women are taken advantage of.

However, G is learning the politics slowly but surely.  He's enjoyed being a more "in charge" role in Iraq.  He's definitely found that he likes being a leader more than he thought he would.  And we're hopeful that while these next 4 years will be busy (G will be working on finishing up a degree and beginning his masters along with possibly flight school), that they will be more enjoyable.  He's made good connections and is looking forward to standing out a bit more.

After the 4 years, we're unsure where the road will take us.  There are several options that I am sure we'll mull over plenty.  For now I'm proud to be a military wife for another 4 years. 


  1. Your husband is awesome and such a hero as are you for supporting him! Thank you so much! I am here to tell you that you one the teething giveaway on my blog ;) Email me at strive4progress [at] gmail [dot] com with your info so I can send you your Raz teether ;) Congrats! ~Mae

  2. haha I ment "won" not "one" oops! Strive for progress eh?! :D

  3. You should be very proud of him! I met my husband when he was going through flight school...and we just celebrated (well, as much as we can with him still being in Iraq) our 30th anniversary. I'm back down in AL right now and it's so nice to be home. Big cheers to you and your patriotic husband!