Friday, August 26, 2011

Making A Statement

My wedding set is one that is more delicate looking, resembling an antique.  I love that older look.  But it is the only piece of jewelry I wear every day.  I've found that other than that, my taste tends to be more toward statement pieces, big, noticeable jewelry that is anything but delicate.  From a 60 inch strand of pearls to big chunky raw rubies to large bangles.  So it's no surprise that my jewelry wish list is full of statement pieces like the necklace I shared earlier this week.
My raw ruby necklace.  I wear it at least once a week.

Tiffany Elsa Peretti Aegean necklace
10thousandthings 18K gold and lapis necklace

David Yurman Albion ring
I'm not really all that into diamonds.  I'm more likely to lust after a great design or tahitian pearls.  And I love my collection of vintage/antique costume jewelry.  (We've already discussed how we're going to have to lock down these from a curious girly girl.)  I like my clothes more simple, classic, and so the statement pieces to kind of stand out. 

Do you prefer the more delicate jewelry or bigger pieces?  Do you mix it up a lot or have a few pieces you always wear?


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  2. I have SUCH a hard time finding jewellery that fits my super thin wrists and fingers. Anything I buy - watches, rings, bracelets etc - has to be professionally sized for me and I can't buy anything "off the rack" in accessory shops.

    Because of my small frame, I get lost in large pieces of costume jewellery (so I've been told). So, I tend to stick to delicate pieces that don't overwhelm my size. I'm also more of a silver girl than a gold girl, and I love anything with gemstones :)

  3. My wardrobe is neutral--black, navy, grey--and pieces are understated and practical. However, like you, my taste in jewelry runs to big and bold. A large pendant or chunky vintage bracelets, and, when I pull my hair back in a short ponytail, I like the look of big hoops or dangle earrings.

    My jewelry is also where I get color in my wardrobe; I can't imagine wearing a bright orange sweater, but I love the look of a brightly colored Bakelite bangle against a wardrobe backdrop of navy, grey, or black.

    Some of my best/favorite pieces I've purchased on Etsy--great vintage pieces at great prices.