Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Storm Is Brewing

As Hurricane Irene hurtles her way towards us, I'm staying in to read and relax.  I've got candles, bottled water, hard pretzels, apples, and a nearly empty fridge I can work my way through if need be.  Had an issue with a window being shattered yesterday, but only the outer pane, so hopefully we'll be good.  G's co-workers came out and cleaned it up for me.  They were calling around the deployed people's families to make sure we were ready and come if we needed any help. 

I've never been in this sort of weather.  Between the earthquake and the hurricane/tropical storm I think a lot of thinking will be going into where we live next.  I've told G that our next house must have working shutters that lock up tight.  Even outside of this storm, we do get some nasty thunderstorms here as a result of being so close to the water. 

So I'll be upstairs cleaning the bathtub and then filling it up with water. (A suggestion my friend Kaira made about making sure we have plenty of water to flush with, get water for the dogs, etc.)  I've got battery operated candles, real candles, and I'm going through the house to collect them and make sure I'm prepared for plenty of reading by candlelight.  With old fashioned brass holders I can easily walk around the house with my beeswax tapers.  And I'm planning to go get some cheap pillars to light up the different rooms (I normally avoid paraffin, but don't want to waste all my beeswax and pricey soy candles). 

I hope that those of you who will be in this storm are prepared, and for those elsewhere, please keep us in your thoughts! 


  1. I was thinking of you as Bruce said the storm will be in Maryland so hoping that you won't have to evacuate. Be safe and I'm glad you're prepared but will surely be praying for you Kate.

  2. Good idea on the bathtub reserve of water.

    I hope to see your blog next week with a post indicating to us that you are safe! Think of all the things you have encountered on your own and pregnant. You should be feeling pretty darn proud.

  3. Sounds like you are well prepared for the weather to come. That was great that G's co-workers are there to help if you need it. Rebekah is right, you should be proud of how well you've dealt with everything recently. I'll be thinking of you when Irene pays your area a visit.


  4. It sounds like you are all set to ride out the storm. Good luck, I will be saying a prayer for all of you in Irene's path.

    Remember, we are all here for you if you need advice or support during the storm.

  5. Kate, Invest in a solar, battery, crank radio. I have owned one for years and it is nice to have around for emergencies. Also great to have is battery LED lantern that you can carry from room to room. I was in a hurricane in Jamaica-1980. Best Wishes!