Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Ruminations

I love stripes!
**Update: Lovely earthquake here on the east coast... my first.  Lying in the sofa talking to G when the sofa starts to shake and I jump up and the whole house starts to shake.  Not pleased.  There is a reason I choose to not live in California!

Here are some random Tuesday thoughts:

* I love spin pins by Goody.  If you've never used them, I highly recommend them.  I even turned my stylist onto them.  I've found that there is nothing better to pull my hair up off my neck... and to help it cascade down in waves when night falls.  G's a fan.

* I'm enjoying the blessing of the rain for one reason alone: those small children outside until all hours of the night can't be.  Sorry, parents, but I think the time between 11-3 a.m. kids should at least be inside.

* G writes me haiku poems.  And the thing is?  They're good.  Like really good. If I thought anyone was really into reading haiku poetry anymore I'd be pushing him to publish them.  He's been sending me ones in a series he wrote this week and it is tantalizing wondering if there are more.

* I'm finishing up The Omnivore's Dilemma for a bookclub.  So excited to be able to discuss this topic with other people without it coming across that I'm preaching!

* I knit several french press cozies for friends and then stopped without sewing the buttons on them (had some trouble with some yarn falling apart on me).  I need to just finish them up before I really get known as a procrastinator.

* And finally, I have no where to go today but to the grocery store for fun things like milk and chicken (oh I miss the days when my list was prosecco and cured meats...), but I'm feeling like it's a smudged eyeliner sort of day.  Hope the cashiers at Trader Joe's appreciate it!


  1. You're looking wonderful ... positively glowing! Hope there are no major aftershocks. Take care, Bess

  2. Pregnancy agrees with you.

    As a lifelong Californian, I'll reassure you that a) the earth *won't* open up and swallow you and b) probably the biggest danger is pinched fingers from standing in the doorway and having the door close on your hand.

  3. Kate, I loved Omnivore's Dilemma; I can honestly say it was a life changing book for me.

    Michael Pollan is coming to Bethesda in October, and to Baltimore in January; check it out here http://michaelpollan.com/appearances/

    You should also check him out on youtube.com where you can find lectures, interviews, etc.

    I look forward to hearing about your book discussion.

  4. I'm glad that you're safe and no damage. You look utterly fabulous!! The book you mentioned sounds interesting. After reading the stolen life by Jaycee Dugard I need something light:)

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm feeling pretty fabulous!

    My French Corner--Oooh! Thanks for letting me know. This book is fascinating and confirming that we've made a lot of great decisions when it comes to our food.

    Ping-- If you're wanting a lighter read, this isn't it. It's actually taken me weeks to get through because I get so angry about our food system that I have to set it down.

  6. You look terrific!

    I've researched enough information that is presented in TOD and what our bodies are supposed to consume that Paul and I are 95% organic. I finally found humane bacon, and I have it in the budget to move up the ladder to purchasing a share in a pasture-fed steer and eating that. Our butter is from grass-fed cows (Kerry Gold), and my next step is to get pasture chickens and eggs.