Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Shower!

We were laughing because the cake was decorated a bit much (by the lady who did my wedding cake)...this is actually after we took off more looped icing!  But it was strawberry and delicious!
I had a lovely baby shower.  My maman put it together, with yummy croissant sandwiches, fruit kabobs, pasta salad, cake, cupcakes, veggies, and tea and strawberry lemonade (so simple...puree strawberries and add to lemonade...yum!). 
The drinks were served in jelly jars with barbershop shop striped straws!
We also had a candy bar to fill bags to take home.  I'm pretty sure we were all on a sugar high. 
The diet coke in a cup was what was keeping my maman sane!
The gifts were all wonderful.  Almost all of the photos of me look awkward with what appears to be forced smiles.  But I knew people were on a time limit (I had one friend drive 3 hours to get there), so I was looking up to snap quick photos. 
Mercer Mayer books!  G's already read them to the belly!
Diaper Cake
Houndstooth Outfit From my Girl Ang!  She also made me a stack of burp cloths!
Eh, my goofiness shows through.  I put one of the bows on my head and at one point had a teething toy in my mouth.
After I went to coffee with T and her gift to me was a much needed pedicure.  I chose OPI's The Show Must Go On, so currently my toes are a sparkly red that would make Judy Garland proud. 
Me and Maman
T, Moi, and M
I flew out whoa early the next morning on 9/11.  It was a whirlwind trip that went really well.  G was happy to have me home though!


  1. You look so great! Motherhood definitely agrees with you!

  2. I know I said it before, look at you hot red mama!! I'm glad you got to be with your loved ones. Thanks for sharing. Now enjoy your time with G!

  3. Just so you know, a few hours after your plane departed, they shut down all of that particular terminal because some looney decided to act like he had packed a bomb. was great seeing you, my dear. I miss you bunches already. Have fun with G for his vacation!